Maamu Cafe / Quick Review

OK, I was home alone and starving. As my culinary skills are not so great (read : level zero), decided to order in. I was craving a pizza and dominos was too mainstream. So I looked for other pizza options around and came across this place. It had mixed reviews but fairly new place. I decided to go for it. 
I ordered a Chicken Tikka Pizza. It was thin crust, loadssss of veggies than chicken and way too much tomato sauce. I hate vegetables and I particularly hate babycorn. It was full of it. I couldn’t rarely find any chicken. I ended up picking out all the corns out and ate a capsicum pizza with couple pieces of chicken and heaps of tomato sauce. Not trying again. 🤷🏻‍♀️

If this is your cup of tea err- slice of pizza though, go ahead by all means. 


I’m not reviewing Baahubali – The Conclusion. Anyone who does that is committing a grave sin. If you post spoilers on your social media feeds about a film like THAT, how could you wash that blood off your hands?


Baahubali is a movie. Or so they say. But to me and definitely many more out there, it is one of the fanta-fabulous epics that will be chiseled to our hearts and memories all the time. Every epic movie ever made will be compared to this.  Baahubli – The Beginning came out in 2015. It was just another epic movie people are raving over I had thought. Before watching it. But when I actually did, damn, that was the end of me. There is this sense of longingness in you. No matter how conniving and bloody their lives are, you want to be a little part of it. A little part of Mahishmati where Baahubali reigns.

This is a movie about two prince with one Kingdom to rule. One is strong, unbeatable, ruthless and powerful. One is magnificent, undefeatable, compassionate and loving. Who will ascend the throne when they prove to be of equal strengths and wits in all the challenges given ? What is the penultimate test to their capacity to rule? That is Baahubali – The Beginning. It ofcourse ends with the announcement of a King. But more importantly, a gut-twisting cliff-hanger. People were (read: I was) going MENTAL over WHY?? Why give us a movie as big as this and then knock us out of the theater with an even bigger question that will be answered in the Sequel. That was to come out in 2016. Can you believe it??? Director Rajamouli was insane (or genius).

But we had no choice, did we. Waiting game begins. And to test us further, Baahubali – The Conclusion didn’t come after 12 months, but a sweet 21 MONTHS LATER!!!! I mean. I cant even. And that happened this weekend.

Baahubali collection vintagemadrascom

Baahubali collections

The whole country clearly went into a frenzy. People from the north and abroad who haven’t watched the first part (WHAT!?) watched it now to go check out Baahubali 2 phenomenon in theaters! The opening was the biggest ever in Indian Film Industry. No Rajnikanth, No Khans, No Foreign Locations.

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A dream. A dream of Rajamouli that is now beating in a million hearts. And Prabhas who brought the character to the screen not by just acting, but by living as Baahubali. It sounds so damn cheesy typing that out, but you’ll know what I mean if you’ve seen the movie. I laughed, I cried (oh damn, me and my friend ugly-cried for nearly 15 solid minutes during the second part in the theatre, #noshame)

It is going to be tough for the film industry to make another epic film. It is going to be tough for Prabhas to not be Baahubali in his future films. But, who’s complaining?



What’s the most Indian thing you’ve done? | #MoreIndianThanYouThink

The Lufthansa commercial with the theme #MoreIndianThanYou think has won the Internet!

So that got me thinking to, how Indian am I? We live in a world where we are too afraid to say any comments that might border on anti-religious or taken and misconstrued as an anti-political statement. But there is a typical Indian mentality (forgive me for the stereo-typing) that is striking. We might fight over everything from IPL teams to our own rivers – but when someone tries to take a dig at India, we’re like ‘Bruhhh, you brought this upon yourself!’ and all hell breaks loose. And I love that!



Of nostalgia

There are certain things that immediately brings back a rush of childhood memories. A smell, taste or a song – that kind of thing. For me, one major trigger is Milo. I can never accept that it is just another milk mix. It’s a kiddie mix to me and it’s my childhood in a bottle. 💕

Do you have a trigger that takes you right back to the innocent days ? 

Of Ewart High | #AtoZchallenge

This post is part of the April #AtoZchallenge where we write through-out the month of April, one post per day from A through Z. Read more about my Theme Reveal here.

I did my schooling in CSI Ewart High after the cutesy admission procedure that I just talked about here! And I’m so glad I didn’t have to move cities or switch schools till I passed out. It would have been nerve-racking! I took the school-bus till ninth grade and later we moved very close to the school campus and I decided to cycle. Cycling 💕 – aaah. Those were the days ! (Also when I got my first fracture 😂) 

Although my school offered so many options from swimming, gym, outdoor sports and indoor activities… I was not really into anything aggressively and I regret it so much now. We even had a rock-band for goodness’ sake ! But yeah, I did more of stuff that’s actually ”me’.. like art class and glass painting classes after school hours. Loved it! Also into a bit of ball badminton ♥️ ! Scribbling on the wooden tables, chatting on the auditorium stairs, venturing a mere 10-foot outside the school gate after 3PM to buy stickers and mangoes and feeling so darn adventurous, the march-past practices and mass drill excuses.. damn. 

Just take me back. *feeling all Ed Sheeran-ish today*

Of dreams and nightmares | #AtoZchallenge

This post is part of the April #AtoZchallenge where we write through-out the month of April, one post per day from A through Z. Read more about my Theme Reveal here.

Did you have nightmares or recurring dreams as a child? I wouldn’t call mine a nightmare exactly. But it was a recurring dream at one point.

I was in my pink and white school uniform for some reason, in the dense pine-forrest area in Kodaikanal (picture below for reference). It’s how they show night times in the movies – blue-toned. And I’m on a run. I’m running from something or running to someone, I never knew. I just ran till my legs gave out. And I always woke up the moment I fell down, it was too nerve-racking for subconscious I guess.


Career Aspirations of a 11 year old | #AtoZchallenge

This post is part of the April #AtoZchallenge where we write through-out the month of April, one post per day from A through Z. Read more about my Theme Reveal here.

Let’s pretend you didn’t notice I bombed the challenge this year as well. AGAIN! And here I was, thinking third time’s the charm :/ Well, almost bombed. I’m trying to play catch-up with the lost alphabets! Let’s see if I can keep up, shall we? So for the convenience and practicality of the human writing this (*le me) and the humans reading this (*le you), we’ll make it very short and crisp rather than going on a rant (like this!) for all the throwback memories!



Let me tell you people. Blogging slump is real and it is not a pretty feeling at all. There are three kinds of blogging breaks.

  • One that you volunteerly take, because you just wanna unplug and take off.
  • One that you take when you have so much going on and you just can’t make time for blogging.
  • One that you take because no matter what post idea you come up with, it does not feel like a good-enough content!

And yes, I’ve been stuck in this third rut for quiet sometime. I checked my older posts when I had better blogging habits, better traffic and better everything! And I’ve zeroed-in on one thing. What makes me double think before even typing out now.? 



Of Barbies and Doctor Aunties | #AtoZchallenge

Barbies. It makes me sad that the era of teddy-bears and cooking utensils were replaced by Hot-wheels, Transformers and Barbies. Now even they are replaced with iPads. Most of the little ones in my families are glued to the screens, be it watching Trolls or playing some game or the other on their iPad. And I can see it is low maintenance, the kids don’t run around, break stuff, scribble on the wall nor scream and bring the house down. But isn’t that what they’re supposed to be doing?  I sure as hell can’t say much till I’ve got to manage a kid myself. They’re tiny little humans. What do you do with them? :O Well, I can go on and on about this topic, but coming back to where we started, Barbies.


Of ABCs and candy wrappers | AtoZchallenge

It’s 30minues past 9 in the evening already and I’m this close to skipping my day 1 of the challenge. Great going Sharu! Lol. Let’s just wing it, shall we ?

These days, kids learn phonetic alphabets at school but in a kid of the ABC age. I didn’t go to preschool or anything. Straight up joined in Kindergarten. My parents are both very choosy when it comes to my life choices. They listed all the schools they want me to go to and shortlisted on 3.


AtoZchallenge Theme Reveal 2017 | Vintage Madras

It is happening !! I was a survivor one year, bombed the last one (although I loved my attempts at flash-fiction like this one, it was really hard for me), but here I am again! Yes, I will be participating in the #AtoZchallenge this April along with a whole lot of other bloggers. If you didn’t already know what it is, The April A-Z Challenge is a month-long blogging challenge, where every participant posts a blog on a topic starting with A on 1st, B on 2nd and so on. We get the Sundays free. You can read more about it here.

We can either stick to a specific theme or just roll with it.I had two ideas for the theme this year and a hosted a twitter-poll asking people to pick one. So the theme is going to be ..


Why you should watch Split ! | Spoiler free quick review

I’ve decided to do a spoiler-free quick update of my Split movie experience. So here goes!

Shyamalan | Why you should watch Split ! | Spoiler free quick review - Vintage Madras

The movie starts off with a man kidnapping three teenage girls from a parking lot and keeping them all captive in a shady room. Two of them are seemingly “regular” teenagers  (played by Haley Lu Richardson and Jessica Sula) who are just popular kids at the school. They have not faced any real threat and have never been in such helpless situations. They are scared and angry and keep scheming plans to escape. Which gets them in even more trouble. But the third girl held hostage is Casey (played by Anya Taylor-Joy). She is unpopular, quiet and isolates herself from everyone. She knows they wont stand a chance against their kidnapper. She doesn’t underestimate him and she knows what trouble is – unlike the other two. This, they show by flashbacks from her past when she was abused as a child by her uncle. This has made her get into this shell and things have not gotten better as her uncle has become her guardian now after her father’s death.