Define mixed emotions?

2015 !

This year had given me so much and yet cruelly taken away so much more. I don’t even know how to compare at this point, but I’m just wishing all this negativity away and for a refreshing 2016. So what happened.


February | Femina Article 

Interviewing Joshna Chinappa

femina magazine

This will always be one of the surreal experiences for me – to be a journo for one day. I love it from my very core so I had the best fun possible! Joshna was so cool and such a chilled-out person. Our off-the-record session was way more fun! 😀 Love her a lot more as a person and not just a sports-star since then 🙂

June  |  New Job

I still work in the same company, but after a long struggle (you have no idea), I got the project I dreamed up wanted. In corporates, you never get your magical dream choices. You don’t get to choose. But I got this opportunity after eons, and I cant thank the star enough!

September | New Home

Another dream come true. I know, I should probably stop hating 2015!

Have been wishing to move in so far. And the negative vibes kept the process dragging long enough, that I eventually gave up. And then it happened. I still haven’t gotten over that one fact.

October | BNLF



The most disruptive blogging conference that ever happened in India. And I got the pass! The conference was so informative, connected with so many amazing bloggers, placed faces to the blogs, and also got the opportunity to meet and listen to so many amazing people and their insights on blogging, social media and how they evolved trough different stages and phases.  (Anddddd got a picture with Kanan Gill. eek!)

November | Mumbai Vacation


I never spoke about this trip on my blog cause I documented this as a vlog. But then it was too cheesy to upload, so I refrained myself 😀 It was one much-needed holiday and I soaked it up pretty well <3


Chennai saw the worst rain and flood in hundred years and the city drowned before our eyes. Instead of watching it sink and drown in our own sorrows of losing home and property, the people of Chennai fought back and kicked disaster in the ass. The battle of youth and people of Chennai against a disaster of this capacity, was shocking and promising. There is hope 🙂

chennai floods

Visited my firs ever stand-up comedy show – and that too a SA Aravind SOLO !! 😀 Was in splits throughout and it really was a much needed Madras Darisanam when the city was recovering from one of it’s darkest days!  Louv that guy!


Anddd… New Year’s Eve ! This is how we partayyy (2016 planner and shit)IMG_9861

 This post should have gone up yesterday, but I zoned out as I was busy setting my 2016 planner 😀 I thought of skipping this all together, but that doesn’t sound like a typical start for the year and also I’d like to look back on these reflection posts! So, take that, procrastination!

Happy New Year Everybody ! 🙂 <3


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  1. A new year means time to get a new diary which I never write anything in 😛 Looks like you had one eventful year, wishing you a great one ahead too! 🙂

  2. Cool!! How did you finalize a planner? I have been dying to get a cute lil’ one myself and just couldn’t!! 🙁 Requesting ideas!!!!!!

    Have a happy new year, Sharu! Write more and Stay blessed! 🙂

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