“A man is not old until regrets take the place of dreams.” 
 ~ John Barrymore ~

Each person has his/her own wishlist and to-do lists. But mostly it comprises of  ‘Buy a black sling bag’ or ‘Get gift for cousin’s birthday’. At least in my Any.Do list! Nothing fascinating. Nothing remarkable. Nothing we actually wish, to do!  But then, I came across this concept of jotting down the strange/weird/fun/crazy/beautiful things to do, before its too late. Its indeed fun and fascinating to sit and think of what all you would do, if given a chance – anything, anywhere.  I comprised a list my top 25 now. Some are possible, some are dreamy – but who am I to judge, you never know what could happen! 😉

  1. Visit Paris
  2. Give a presentation or a speech in front of a hundred people
  3. Own a cat
  4. Buy my own car and drive with style. (Not the usual ‘Watch out! A lady is driving!’ type. )
  5. Have a patio in my house
  6. Drive in the rain
  7. Become really good at drawing again ( I lost it with time)
  8. Learn to cook.
  9. Build my house
  10. Learn to speak Hindi
  11. Go on a vacation to Mauritius
  12. Visit Disney Land once in my life
  13. Quit using mobile phone for a week (Alright , no duhs! )
  14. Become a writer 😉 (At least consistent with my blog)
  15. Sing in public
  16. Attend a live concert
  17. Take a picture with A.R.Rahman
  18. Become a pro at any one sport
  19. Enjoy Gardening
  20. Live abroad
  21. Be a bridesmaid
  22. Gain 10 kg (Yes, That is almost impossible for me 😀 )
  23. Visit the beautiful Taj Mahal again in a pristine white dress 😉
  24. Learn swimming
  25. Learn to put Mehendhi. (The beautiful bridal ones, not round dots 😛  )

That is it for me, as of now. Some may happen, some might fade with time. But at some stage of my life, these were what I wanted.

And that will never change. 🙂

23 thoughts on “25 things I’d like to do before its too late

  1. Nice list ya :)) approx 12 to 15 nos in the wishlist Clashes with my list 😛
    Hope u r half way done with tat list now…
    All the best for rest of the list…

  2. That is a great list and I can add some idea in completing them..For no.3–Buy the Chevrolet Camaro.. 🙂 For 8–Get a Pressure Cooker First.. 😛 For 10–Get the collection of Black and white Hindi movies.. 😉 For 15–If Himesh Reshammiya can Sing so do you.. :-)..I guess I have given lots of Advice.. and wish you complete all this soon and add another 25 to the list.. 🙂

    1. Hahaha 😀 Thanks for the suggestions Harsha! 😀 Will try my best to incorporate your ideas in my list .. Esp. The Himesh Reshammiya part gives me a new hope! 😀 😀 Thanks for taking time to read my blog 🙂

          1. As I said My Pleasure..and really believe me for the past 3 months I have been blogging and I am so enjoying this and I believe you will also.. 🙂

    1. Oh my god.. You’re soo much more adventurous than I am.! My list looks so kiddish now. Lol.
      You have struck the ones you’re planning to do this year? Or you have already done those?

      1. The ones that are stricken out is done. And the others are yet to be done. I have two more years I suppose. i want to finish these things before marriage. And then on there is only one item in to do list. To please the wife 😛

        1. My My.. Some girl out there is extremely lucky already! 😀
          In my case , I do not have a time frame. Many things could be done only after 2 years (a.k.a marriage) 😀

    1. Gaining weight is tougher than losing it, when even chocolates & ice-creams don’t impress you 🙁 I should know! :'( lol
      Meri Hindi nahi aati 🙁 thoda thoda maalum :-/ 😛

  3. learn Hindi ? HIndi nahi maloom ? hahaha good now I will comment in Hindi hahhaha 🙂
    own a meow !! that reminds me of Priyanka Chopra in Don2 .. you know her I hope
    Nice to know about you new friend 🙂

    1. Hahaha.. Yeah, that’s a national shame considering it is the national language 🙁 😛
      Nahh, be niceee to me..! 🙁 😀 Meri thoda thoda malum hai 😛
      And yeah.. I know that Exotic girl 😀
      So nice to have met such a humble, big blogger ! 🙂

      1. big ?? blogger ? if the big bloggers get to know this they will get angry with you 😀
        Bloggers decline me as a blogger in the first place .. I am a Poor Joke cracker for many !! 😀
        Big..yes I may be big .. in size .. I am putting on lot of weight since .. my Job left me .. 😀
        that way yes I am Big 😀 but all inspired by Farhan Akhtar Bhag Milkha Bhag .. I just tell myself ” Walk Jack Walk” 😉
        Now Humble .. !! humble I think you are .. u dropped by and shared a wonderful blog of yours with me .. 🙂

        1. My Say! You are too humble. You ARE a big blogger on the way to become celebrity blogger. All the best 🙂

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