Nothing stays the same forever. Especially people, as we’re all well aware of! The way we act, our character, our view towards something, the approach, tastes, and preferences – everything changes. And so does the WAY we do things. If I look at a day in 2030, a huge 17years from now… there is no doubt that it’s going to be a giant leap of change to accept at one go. But we are flexible, we adapt. So the change will grow on us. So here is my day off from work in 2030, and how I imagine (practical and imaginary!) things would turn up!

6:00 AM:

The alarm announces the time and begins to snooze every 2 minutes by increasing the vibration intensity of my bed. I wake up and my hand reaches out to the Home-Integrated-Tab (H.I.T) automatically. The moment I touch it, it comes to life and shows a list of “Moods”. I pick ‘Fresh & Happy’ immediately.

“Good Morning Shameem! Weather is great today! You can go with casuals as your Client-Meeting has been postponed! “

Me: “Thanks… And about the traffic and mood meter of my boss and colleagues?”

HIT: Traffic is normal. They are great as well. But, Meera seems to be a little sick. Check on her, at work. Shall I send her a note right away?

Me: Oh, yes please.

HIT:  You’re running low on cereals Hun!

Me: Got it!

6:30 AM

I go for a cold shower with Citrus shower gel from the touch panel to brighten up my mood.

I straighten my hair and apply minimal make-up. I swipe across the images of my various trousers and choose a mint colored one and a pink top. The moment I open my closet, the rack of those garments glow and pick them & get ready.

7:00 AM

I go down to the kitchen, make my selection for cereals. I ask HIT for the list of products on or below “TIME TO REFILL” mark. It generates the list and my phone buzzes with “One new grocery list”.  I munch on my cereal while I scroll through the news on my HIT.

8:00 AM

I get in my car.

“Hello Shameem ! Where are we going now? “

Me: Work. Just for an hour.

“Sure. Time is 8:05 AM. When would you want to reach? “

Me: Not in a hurry today. Just to drop off some files. 8:45 is fine.”

“Cool. Will avoid the regular high-traffic routes then! Let’s go. “

GPS shows a longer and freer route and I start off!

8: 35 AM

Reached office.

“That was quick! Bye”

“Will be waiting! “

I finish my work, visit Meera and inquire her on her health condition and return to my car.

10:00 AM

“Welcome back. Where now, Shameem?”

Me: “Shopping. Take me to the mall.”

“Right away.”

I reach the mall and proceed to the grocery store. I send my grocery list along with the desired quantity to the Customer-Service-System.

“Welcome Shameem. (Name identified from my Phone.)

Cocoa powder is not available at the moment in 500gms.  Restock on 14th September.

Choose your option.

Buy later.

Buy 250gms. “

I select “Buy 250gms”.


I enter 2 and submit the list. I make a call while my products are being sorted.

“Your order is ready!”

I swipe my card. Which has an inbuilt token. The items automatically get delivered to the parking lot.

This eliminates the pain of carrying the shopping bags (mainly groceries!), all through, while you’re shopping.

I move on to the Apparel store.

The shop is full of glass. I go in front of one and operate the touch panel. I first swipe my Identity card. Where I by default enter all my requirements, quantities I will need, the sizes of my clothes and so on.

“Hello Shameem! The last time you purchased the Navy Cardigan. How is it?” (Collects feedback casually)

Five different ratings glow and I pick one.

“Well, what do you prefer this time? “

I select Shirt from the Menu. And select “Any” when asked in specific for “Plain/ Checks/ Strips / Patterns / Floral”

“There are 543 results for your fit and style. Any further filters? “

I chose colors and choose Red.

“There are 106 results”.

I now chose Patterns and skim between my 47 results.

I finalize on 4 variants and go for a Visual Representation.

The system shows on the glass, how each of the Shirt would look on me.

I select my shirt and few other apparels the similar way.

2 PM: 

Back to car after swiping my card and collecting my grocery pack and keeping them in the boot.

“How did the shopping go? “

Me: “Great as ever.  Now, lunch at Riverdale.”


Have a late lunch with a friend and return home.

10 PM :

Watch a movie in my bedroom while munching on some popcorn and colas. The sleep sensor (even in mobile these days) detects the eyes being closed and turns off the Movie. My bed which was at a slightly inclined level to watch movie comfortably, glides back.

“Good night Shameem! Sleep Tight. “ displays on my H.I.T.

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