If you are born in the 90’s ,I’m sure you would agree with me that, this was the BEST Era of your life, so far 😉 Orkut.  The world of Orkut was so appealing and  was a rage. I was among the first few who joined the mega-social-network, and never regretted or missed showing off ! 😀 It was a pakka fun period of my life and I enjoyed talking to zillions of unknowns , carefully not mentioning my school name 😛 thinking they would trace me and catch me ! 😛 , and updating the most coolest Display Pictures and Captions! 😀


Another fun-quotient was the Scrapbook ! Fondly referred to as the SB. 😉 I can very frankly admit it now , that I was damn cautious ,and made sure that my SB count was the highest ! Hell yeah, I’m popular! B-) 😛 If I think about it all now, I seriously couldn’t have been more immature !! 😀 But trust me when I say, it was damn fun. Then there was this new update that automatically deleted all their scraps, if they delete their account ! Damn , I had almost reached 50,000 scraps , it came down to 35K after that update. 🙁 😀 

The fun part of Orkut doesn’t end there. The next best thing abut Orkut was the Testimonials ! 😀 I mean, who doesn’t love it when your friend writes all nice nice things about you and put it up for an audience ! 😀 I sure do and loved the testi part! 😉 

Talking about testimonials , here are a few of the testi I received : 


OKAY, You might think am so full of myself ! No. Dint I say friends try their best to write the bestt things for you ? 😉 😀 And seriously  after a quick summary of those testimonials, people could think I’m jovial, talkative, bubbly (quoted in Testi-3 ) 😛 ..what not ! But I’m the exact opposite now. Also, I don’t even know where these people are anymore. I have contact with only very few people who have migrated with me, from Orkut to Facebook, and am not planning on losing them at any cost. 🙂 Time does WONDERS to a person. I now realize how much of myself I have lost in the process of growing up.

But I truly enjoyed re-living my Orkut life for this post , hope you do too! (If you haven’t deleted your account, that is ! ) 

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6 thoughts on “A tribute to the Mega Mind : Orkut

    1. Haha. I am not that talkative now. I just naturally became to silent. Ppl who know me for a long time will know the difference 🙂

      You are reading alllll my blog posts!???? ?? Mathan!! You ll get damn bored!! Lol

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