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The Annabelle-Conjuring franchise is back at it again! This time with the mother of all prequels :Β Anabelle Creation. We’ve seen the doll in every movie. We’ve seen the havoc it could cause to the house it lives in. We’ve seen it refuse to leave them behind.

Anabelle(2014) was a spin-off from the original Conjuring series, to get more insight on the doll itself. If you remember, that Anabelle movie starts off with a couple who are expecting their first child. One night they get disturbed by a murder in their neighbour’s (Mrs & Mr. Higgins) house, and they end up getting involved. Why that night was such a disaster, is explained in this movie – Anabelle Creation, which deals with the beginning of Anabelle concept.

In short, the story kicks off with 6 orphan girls who are welcome to stay in the residence of Mrs & Mr. Mullins along with their Nun, till they get adopted. What already happened in the Mullins residence, why they wanted to let these girls stay and what will the girls find here is the rest of the story. Which I really wouldn’t reveal and spoil it for you.πŸ’πŸ»

The camera is fabulous in the movie as it is expected in all horror movies. Horror movies almost majorly depend on camera, lighting and soundtrack – more that the actual plot I believe. And it scores in all aspects.

The plot of this story is the prequel for all of the Conjuring and Anabelle movies ever made and that are yet to be made (possibly!). So it has to be a strong backstory and I think they’ve done proper justice. I watched with my friends in the theatre and ofcourse I screamed my lungs out and most of the scenes and it has a massive amount of scary bits. Do check this out in theatre with your friends and I’m pretty sure it will stop your heart in a lot of places!

2 thoughts on “Anabelle Creation : Experience (No Spoilers)

    1. Savio !! long time indeed ! πŸ˜‰ How have you been!?
      And yes , I was scared. Cmon, it was one movie that pretty much scared majority of the crowd. Cause in all other horror flicks I’ve seen with friends, atleast 50% will be like, “HA! that ghost was funny! “. πŸ˜€ Here, everyone were spooked atleast at one point πŸ˜›

      Off to read your take on it , right away! πŸ˜‰

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