Wohoo !! The stylish stunner Suriya in and as ANJAAN directed by super-awesome Lingusaamy and music by YUVAN SHANKAR RAJA ! Too many big names 😉 Here is the break down.

Track list
Title Lyrics Singer(s) Length
“Bang Bang” Madhan Karky Ranjith 4:11
“Oru Kan Jaadai” Viveka Benny DayalShweta Pandit 4:23
“Ek Do Theen”
  1. Muthukumar
SuriyaAndrea Jeremiah 3:57
“Kaadhal Aasai” Kabilan Yuvan Shankar RajaSooraj Santhosh 5:04
“Sirippu En” Viveka M. M. Manasi 4:39

Anjaan Fan made firstlook posters in HD

Bang Bang Bang  (4.5/5) : The saving grace of the album. Oh! Did I just indirectly give a hint that the rest of the album is very mediocre right at the beginning? Yes, I did. And that is sadly true. We thought and hoped Yuvan would be back with a BANG with this album as it holds heavy names like Suriya , Lingusamy and Samantha. But he gave the Bang in only one song apparently. We are not blaming him here ofcourse. Everyone goes through phases and this is not a good one for Yuvan. We all are waiting for the Paiyaa phase to return.

But anyways , talking about the song – it looks like a intro song but with a classy twist. Just like how Karka Karka was a classy boost in Vettaiyadu Vilayadu.  Suriya and Vidyut Jamwal are adorable together. Afters seeing Vidyut with a grumpy face  all through Thuppaki, seeing him smile is like, aww 😀 Ranjith has mesmerized as always.

Oru Kan Jaadai (2/5) is an attempt at fast romantic number. Is just okay. Nothin to specify there. Benny Dayal wasted.

Ek Do Teen (3.5/5) is a descent song with a catchy tune. That kind of music that gets easily struck in your head all day long. But I got to see the vedio of the song (which is ofcourse taken down from youtube now ) and the choreography sucked. It literally sucks the energy outta you. That slow ! Be warned. Good song but Im ready to be disappointed with the visuals.

Kaadhal Aasai (3/5) by Yuvan. The peculiar Yuvan’s voice adds the depth to it and only because of his voice, we listen to it. Not a “on-repeat” song, but still a good one. Especially the middle part which goes

Oru Kuzhandhaiyin Magizhchiyai Polavae

Unnai Vidumurai Thinamena Paarkiraen

Yen Nilamaiyin Thanimayai Nee Maatru

Yen Neramae

The tune here is particularly good.

Siruppu En (3/5). Item Song. Old tune but sexy voice of Manasi kinda makes up for it. And the English rhyme-scheme used is highly appreciated. Pun intended. 😀

Overall it’s a descent album from Yuvan but we keep getting disappointed ONLY because he is much much more than this. We want you back Yuvan. Let this be a start.


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