She was struggling to use chopsticks and he was snap chatting her epic fail. It was all giggles in their cozy little corner of the restaurant. Until he got down on one knee and she froze.
This has been her only dream; willing this feeling against the odds because he was her best friend. But now..
“I really wanna get this outta my chest before I explode…”
She doesn’t dare to blink this moment away.
“Happy April First”
She pauses for a moment and then mutters “jerk” playfully with a crushed spirit to his boyish laughter.


Okay. Now this was uncalled for. I never said out loud that I’m going to do this challenge.. tbh, even I wasn’t so sure. I just signed up like a sneaky cat and went back into hibernation, contemplating whether to do it or not. I’m so caught up at work, I don’t know if I’ll be able to keep up with this charade. But I’m gonna try. Else my blog’s not gonna forgive me. 

And oh! No specific theme as such. It is mostly flash fiction, border lining on social media 🙂 

Happy A-Z challenge everybody! 

A-Z Challenge is month long blogging activity where the participants post everyday except Sundays on topics ranging from A to well, Z. 🙂

0 thoughts on “April | #atozchallenge

  1. You do’t know how how how happy I am to read your post via AtoZ. I swear I was thinking of asking why you are not participating. But, I read your last post saying you are mighty busy. Please try to complete the challenge. Missing your posts!

    And this one- wow.. brilliance! 🙂
    Happy A to Z!

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    1. Oh Shaalzzz !! Thank you so much for being such a sweet heart!! ?? I really dint wanna attempt and fail ? but I jumped in the last minute ! Submitted at 11PM ?? lets see how this goes. Cuz this is flash fiction and I have no experience in fiction ? in off to ur Army Wife Tales ❤️❤️

      Much much love !
      Sharu ?

  2. thanks for visiting my blog (A Bench with a View). Good luck if you decide to do the challenge or not; would be a good thing if you did, a sense of accomplishment 🙂 Cute story, I thought he was going to propose!


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