My dad is a writer. So I never really felt like home anywhere. Every house we move into, every room I settle in, I know already that we are gonna move away sooner or later. I stopped decorating my room and putting up posters after some time. So, after one such move, I was there again in this new school, paying the new-girl card.

When Mrs.Daniel walked in, she immediately spotted me and gave an encouraging smile. I really don’t need it very much now, I’m used to this. But sill, I appreciate her gesture. She introduced me to the class and dint do the usual “tell the whole class about yourself” thing – which I’m very grateful for. Not that it made me nervous, I’m sick of making and leaving friends. No one stays. No one keeps in touch after you leave.

Before she began the class, we had the roll-call. The girl before me is Leela. She seems busy and not too bothered about the new girl and I’m fine with that. Next to me is a girl named Meghna. I slightly leaned in my seat to get a better look at her, and was surprised to find her smiling and waving at me enthusiastically. I mouthed a small hi.

A couple of minutes later a paper ball landed on my desk, with a smiley face and a –M. I looked back at her and she nodded yes. It was from her. My first note in this school. It said :

Hi ! This is Meghna. Since Mr.Arvind likes to form lab-partners for chem with adjacent roll numbers, you’ll be my partner.

My number is 9856388902. My facebook name is Meghna Krish. Twitter and instagram id are the same : iammeghnakrish. Whatsapp me, so I can save your number.

Meet me at lunch near the sandwich counter, long table. C U soon! 🙂

Well, that was quick. She was my best-friend for the rest of the 3 years I studied there. Then we applied to the same college but ended up with different courses. But we were room-mates none the less and she was my maid of honor.

Sometimes you look at a person, and you know they are gonna be with you #together no matter what. Life is not always easy, it throws tantrums. But there are always better things out there. When the moment is right, it will land straight at you. Only if you are willing to let go of your dependencies and fear. When things go wrong and you stumble, just relax, take a step back and think. There is always something you could do to fix – always. Finding it might not always be easier; heck, finding a best-friend who stays by your side is not always easier. But when you know the fact that the possibility is just around the corner, it will help you face things with much more clarity.

Good luck 🙂

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