Staring at the blank screen with the cursor blinking relentlessly, can result in serious heart damage.Trust me, I’ve been there. It’s typically my second home. So what do I do when this happens.?  Like all normal people I go ahead and google that one mantra that showers me with tons of ideas, motivation and inspiration (even if it all kinda means the same). Just like that.

Blog Prompts

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The internet is dumped with gazillion articles and posts on “How to get your blogging mojo back!!”,”Getting over writer’s block”,”Writing prompts to keep you going”. But how often have you skimmed the entire article with 101 prompts and yet felt as blank as before? Fear not, you are not alone. The problem with prompts is that, they are not customized. It is not a list of topics that has been prepared for you and your blog to overcome the .. let’s call it “dark phase” (creepy enough). Its common.Its vague. So what happens is, you get overwhelmed with the amount of topics and also get inconsolably sad that you could not even find one topic that suits you from the list.  More often, even if you find a prompt to which you can answer, it is no more than 50-100 words. It makes us feel as if we have nothing to say.

Nope! Those prompts make me more anxious than motivated. What you can do is, pick few topics that remotely has any resemblance to your personality and build from it. A quick search in pinterest, and I find this prompt.

One of your favorite shows.

For which I could write The Vampire Diaries or Game of Thrones ; and why I particularly like them. Next? Gone.

Instead you could modify the topic a bit and make your own prompt, “My Most Favorite Shows” and discuss your top 5 or 10 shows and what is your favorite part of the show. The characters ? The closet of the characters? (Pretty Little Liars and Gossip Girl has a killer wardrobe! <3) and list one favorite character from each of those shows and why you like them. You get the point, right? So the keyword is to take a prompt, use them as hints and BUILD.

Do you feel this dark phase too? Or is it just me? Please comment on what you feel.

P.S. I also suggested a prompt. A good one, I hope.

P.P.S. I’m so gonna write a post on my favorite shows next!



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