Let me tell you people. Blogging slump is real and it is not a pretty feeling at all. There are three kinds of blogging breaks.

  • One that you volunteerly take, because you just wanna unplug and take off.
  • One that you take when you have so much going on and you just can’t make time for blogging.
  • One that you take because no matter what post idea you come up with, it does not feel like a good-enough content!

And yes, I’ve been stuck in this third rut for quiet sometime. I checked my older posts when I had better blogging habits, better traffic and better everything! And I’ve zeroed-in on one thing. What makes me double think before even typing out now.? 


Back then, I was carefree and blogged just for the heck of it. I didn’t care if nobody read it. I was not worried about the numbers. I was not putting myself under pressure about the themes, about what would be pleasant to the reader’s eyes,what font would go with the blog’s color palette etc. I just wrote and hit publish. And one thing that almost makes me laugh is, no one in my immediate circle read my blog. I never published the link anywhere. It’s like blogging was my online alter-ego. 

But now so many people (from my inner circle, not the general traffic. *sigh*) are reading it. I want the pictures to look good. I want the content to be perfect. I want to post only content that I deem fit, which will be appreciated by everyone – my friends, family and myself. That’s a lot of people to please and I’m just not able to find the fun in blogging anymore.

Maybe I should just say f*&% it and go with any random crap I wanna talk about without the fear of being judged.I needed a creative outlet and blogging platform gave me that. I hope I find my touch again. But above all, I have grown along with this blog and I think I’ve been blogging for close to 7 years, on and off. I should accept if my style has to evolve and learn to adapt. I just need to find that mojo to throw caution to the wind and just type.

In the end, all you have to do is, remember why you started.

Have you ever felt blogging slump or writers block? If so,I’d love to know how you came out of it ?


  1. Yes! Managing a full life, and blogging takes time and energy, and how many of us have given good for perfection when it comes to our blog posts? You grew your following writing about a variety of topics in your true voice.

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