After a movie in Palazzo, myself and my friend decided to go over to BHB which was in our wish list for too long.
By the time we reached, it was around 5PM and the place was fairly free. I parked my car right opposite to the cafe. It is pretty wide road, so it didn’t cause any chaos. At that time, atleast!

We had Cheesy Gooey Fries (as it was RAVVVVED) and a White Sauce Pasta. (Popcorn and nachos from the movie filled us up already)

Cheesy fries was lip smackingly delicious. Oh my word! Loads of melted cheese and hit of spice on crisp fries is my absolute fav comfort food this point onward. Perfecto! ?? Now I understand why peeps were going insane over this.

I always order White Sauce Pasta in every cafe I go to. It’s my go-to dish. So ofcourse I went with this although I was a teeny but skeptical about going cheese overload. Thank god I ordered this. Hands down the best pasta I’ve had in town. It was fuming HOT ? and the cheese was not pasty but liquidy if you know what I mean. I could literally slurp the cheese. As disgusting as that sounds ?, it was SO good!! It was not just cheesy, it was flavorful and the pasta was not rubbery at all unlike most places ! ??

For drinks, we did NOT want another heavy milkshake , so we ordered Blue Curaçao and Strawberry Cooler. It was syrupy but strong that left a bitter tinge 30secs after you took a sip. Could have been better!

For dessert, we ordered Brownie with Icecream. Brownie was a bit crusty in the edges, but otherwise soft and wonderful with the creamy vanilla scoop.

Total rampage was 800. Okay I’d say for the quality and amount of cheese they used 😀 also when there is no compromise on taste, it’s always VFM.
Also The Table’s dessert jar was available at the outlet and I got myself a Red Velvet ❤️ 🙂

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  1. Ooooh that looks heavenly, one of those things I missed out in Chennai then! Have you been to Ciclo Café in Kotturpuram? I really loved their pastas.

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