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To all people from India, You’ll get to know my city more !!

To people from outside India, do read on! You’ll love getting to know about this awesome place 🙂 

I’m the proudest Chennaite you’d ever meet !! For the people who aren’t aware, Chennai is the capital of Tamil Nadu (TN). TN is a state in India. Pictographically speaking, this is where I am :



There is so much to like and adore about this city. Trust me, I am not biased. I love Bangalore too! But it’s too much to handle on a day-to-day basis. Unlike that, Chennai is spice. Chennai is rich in culture. Chennai is getting more and more fashionable. Chennai is classy and sassy in it’s own way. !

You may keep cribbing about your city, but The New York Times has found Chennai fit to be featured as a place to be in 2014
. In fact, it is the only place in India that the newspaper has featured among 52 tourist destinations.

– Times Of India

New York Times


Read the New York Times article here if interested 🙂 

So now that you have a bit of introduction about my city, here goes my TOP 5 FAVORITES of CHENNAI !

  1. Beach – Marina / Bessy
  2. Chennai Super Kings
  3. Satyam Cinemas
  4. A long drive in the ECR
  5. Khadar Nawaz Khan Road


Beach – Marina / Bessy

A very LQ pic of me at Broken Bridge – Bessy

As Chennai comes along the shoreline of Tamil Nadu, we’ve got no scarcity of salt water! Besant Nagar beach, fondly called “Bessy”  is the best hangout place for most people in the 16-25 age group. I’ll tell you why, it has Costa, Barista, KFC, Subway all lined up just in place 😀

Marina beach is the Second Largest beach in the world. Its been polluted more than it could take, and Im not very fond of it anymore 🙁

Chennai Super Kings


The bestest team in the Indian Premiere League B-) With Captain Cool Dhoni (Indian Cricket Team Captain as well) leading the team, and rockstars like Raina,  Jadeja, Ashwin in the team.. we RULE IPL year after year. Win or lose, scam or crap,  my heart goes out to CSK forever. #csk4life.

Satyam Cinemas – The Pride of Chennai B-)


Its is THE BEST place to watch movies. The most classiest place. I’ve been to IMAX in Hyderabad..they say it has best effects and all that, but watching a cinema is a complete experience in itself when you watch at Satyam. You would always remember that you watched THAT particular movie at Satyam Cinemas! Must visit !

A long drive in the ECR

Driving is a dangerous thing here. If you drive well in Chennai, you could manage driving in any part of the planet 😀 But if you manage to drive, a nice long ride, either car or bike, in ECR – with the wind blowing on your face at force that you are scared your eyeballs might fly away… its bliss I tell you! I experienced it partially in car. Yet to feel complete – a bike ride is in my list (in future that is 😀 ).

Khadar Nawaz Khan Road

Khadar Nawaz Khan Road. The M.G Road of Chennai !! You are sure to be spell-bound by the number of Audi, Porshe and BMW you see here.

Over the past three years, Khader Nawaz Khan Road has exploded into the stylish shopper’s ultimate stop. At least 15 of the city’s — and even the country’s — biggest brands are spread out along this golden mile. “It’s a unique street, that way,” says Vikram Phadke, design consultant and partner, Evoluzione, the lifestyle store on this stretch. The spirit of the street means you can wander into Rehane for a colourfully, fluffy embellished designer outfit, pair it with equally exclusive sequinned shoes from Soles, pick up some fabulously fashionable fabric for curtains at Atmosphere, stylish bathroom fittings and tiles at Studio Loo or Studio Infinity and then head to Marmalade for a snack to relax after all that damage to your wallet.

– The Hindu


So that’s a jist of a beautiful city. Do let me know where you are from and what is special in your city? 🙂 x

P.S This post took the longest time for me to create ever! Writing longgg content is soo much easier than gathering thoughts , articles, and facts! *phew* 😛



12 thoughts on “C : Chennai

  1. Chennai is always special to me- Job offer– hating Chennai- crying in the PG cos of the hot humid, nasty climate- no A/C- Immediate application for transfer- Besant nagar beach-Eating hot hot corns- ECR road- T.Nagar bargains- Temples- Crowd- traffic- Praying for rain- and then praying for it to stop- And falling in love with the city! I’ve been there! Now, Im moved to Pune and I seriously miss CHENNAI. Oh, now you made me miss more! Thanks for bringing back memories! <3 <3

    1. Wow Shaluu!! You have had a great history in Chennai I guess !! I am just in awe by the way you have described the things you love and how it changed ur prespective towards the city !! Beautiful ! Glad to remind you 🙂 x <3

  2. This was fascinating to me! I have never been out of our country, the USA except a short trip to a resort in Mexico. I am from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina so a few thousands of miles away from you. It fascinates me to be able to hear first hand about the places you love there. We love living at the beach. We spend as much time there as we can when the weather is warm. This was the first day that I have gotten on the beach this year, as we have had a very cold winter and March was no exception. I love to sit in a chair on the beach and read or talk to whoever is with me and when it is warmer we will get in the water. I also love to walk on the beach. Now that I think about it, that is basically the only thing I love here in my town, but that is enough. I do love my church and my family, of course!

    1. Living at the beach should be a fascinating experiance day in and day out Sharybary. I would love to live with my family there. Just lazying around and listening to the sounds the water makes when it touches the shore , should be blisS. I would trade City Life for it anyday 🙂

      Loving is pure and honest when you start from home. And Im glad you have so much love for them 🙂

      Cheers to you 🙂 x

  3. Whoa!!! Chennai!!!! That’s so brilliant C – My Chennai 😀

    My top 5 favorites are;
    1. Marina
    2. Escape, EA Mall
    3. Napier Bridge
    4. Pantheon Road
    5. Chennai Central 😉

    Participant|AtoZ Challenge 2014
    Smile, it makes (y)our day!

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