For a long time now, I have an idea floating in my mind, wading through the neurons. I want to start a session in my blog, maybe a bi-monthly session, that speaks about You. Yes, I want to write about someone. People with fame already have fame. Let them be. I want to create a platform for people to talk about themselves. No, not guest-blogging; but you could call this guest-blogging version 2.0.Β 

I want it to be an interview session, Q&A types. I feel its uncomplicated, de-cluttered and up to the point. Also, fun to do as well as read. I’m not vouching here or anywhere that my blog has the necessary reach or popularity to give fame to you. But if you want to be interviewed someday, come over πŸ™‚

Comment here or drop in a mail to me at

We shall get in touch ! πŸ™‚


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