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Let’s pretend you didn’t notice I bombed the challenge this year as well. AGAIN! And here I was, thinking third time’s the charm :/ Well, almost bombed. I’m trying to play catch-up with the lost alphabets! Let’s see if I can keep up, shall we? So for the convenience and practicality of the human writing this (*le me) and the humans reading this (*le you), we’ll make it very short and crisp rather than going on a rant (like this!) for all the throwback memories!

What did you want to be? Not when you were applying for uni or writing your board exams. The aspirations then were almost realistic. What did you want to be when you were younger? I wish I had some interesting choices. Maybe a model or a pilot or something? But my dream career was to become a Software Engineer. I remember how much I enjoyed going to our Computer period in school. We go the lab, place our shoes in the numbered shoe-rack as we all wore white canvas shoes (I always preferred 11, birthday obvio), and enter the glass doors. And our mam immediately sprays room freshener, because, 64 pairs of socked-foot is no joke! 😀 😀 The AC blasts in the face, almost freezing cold. The constant buzz of computers with the tap-tap of the keyboards around was music to me. And then and there, I told my lab-partner that I wanted to be a Computer Engineer.

Here I am, more than a decade later, IT professional close to 4 years experience. Should I regret that I just had a simple, uninteresting ambition or rejoice that my ambition is my reality?  #perspectives

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