So here we are – at the beginning of a series I’ve dreamed up eons ago! I kept postponing this because I wanted this on a video format and finally I’ve come to realise that ain’t happening anytime soon ? (but hey! I might turn this into a coffee show someday ?) 

Till then, it’s going to be just you and me. Occasionally guests might be here. Basically, just a coffee date. Shall we ? ❤️

coffee with sharu coffee show vintagemadras

If we plan to meet up for coffee, I’d order a Cafe Latte. And that has to cool down a bit before I could sip ? You’d ask what’s wrong with me?

I’d tell you I’m just back from my dental appointment where I had an extraction of a useless wisdom tooth. (Ha!) I was so friggin scared; But I’d tell you that, thank god it went smoother than I’d expected. You’d probably feel sorry for me. Me too. *deep sigh*

I’d ask about your weekend and tell you about mine. I’d ask for good tv show suggestions to binge watch on Netflix. I’m currently watching Gilmore Girls and will probably nag you till you agree to watch it. I need someone to talk to about Lorelai’s sarcasm and quick wit!

Also, I’d ask you if you used to read Archie comics when you were a kid. Because I did. My collection blew up substantially when my aunt (mom’s bro had just got married then) said she was die-hard Archie fan herself and gave me her trunk-load of comics too! Oh, what joy <3    I loved it and I’m a Betty Cooper kinda gal at heart although I adore Veronica’s style now ? it’s adapted as a TV show now in the name of Riverdale. ?

I think I’ve talked too much and my mouth hurts. Wish me a speedy recovery yeah? I will promise to catch up next week and leave.

Later upload our selfie on instagram with #coffeedate ❤️

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