Alas, we meet again for coffee! It’s been quite some time since our last coffee session. How have you been? Let’s start off by talking awkwardly about the weather, shall we? But for once, the weather in Chennai right now is pleasant! Not too sunny, just a dull lazy sun peeking amidst the clouds every now and then, fairly cool breeze and rain! Yes, it was a thunderstorm last night!

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I don’t really know what makes me complete – Rain or the Moon.  And it’s been pouring down the last couple of nights and the patter of rain on my balcony along with Freddie Joachim’s Out of Season and Minutes on the speakers (on high recommendation from a musical prodigy I’m fortunate to befriend) – B L I S S.

This week I discovered my Myers Briggs personality, (thanks!) – and I’m an INFJ!  One of the rare personality types that make up less than 1% of the population apparently; but now it makes so much more sense – why I do what I do. 😀 It’s such a fun path to self-discovery!

And, sometime last week as I was driving out of my apartment, I saw a guy who got out of a cab with his hand-luggage. He realized 2 seconds after the cab left that, his other backpack was still in the cab and was rushing after the speeding cab. The driver never saw and was picking up speed. I don’t know why, but I felt so bad and sped so fast and parked right in-front of that cab and asked him to look at the rear mirror.  Then I just gave a thumbs-up to the running guy and drove off. Felt so good that morning. 😉 To be honest, that guy might have called the driver and asked him to get back with the bag. But I just can’t seem to stop taking things in my own hand. Sigh 😛

So yeah, what’s been up on your end? Something new?  Good shopping happened with all those #EORS around? Do let me know! It was nice catching up for this coffee session, which was almost long gone ! Let’s do this again soon yeah? See ya around!


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