Heya! What’s been up y’all. FALL IS HERE!!!! 🍂🍁🍂🍁

Well.. technically not here in India. But atleast the air is getting crisp and the breeze is chilly and sunsets are earlier in most part of the world. Darker colours are out and layering has begun ! This is my favourite season mainly because I watch a LOT of UK vloggers and I’m highly influenced. So forgive me if I’m all excited for Halloween, Autumn 🍁 and Christmas when.. when it’s pouring down I’m Chennai. 🤷🏻‍♀️ 😛 For all my autumnal talk, I’m yet to get my hands on the pumpkin spiced latte. Can you believe it? Does the Starbucks India even have those ?! I need that drink in my life. 🍁🍁 so let me get you to speed on what’s been up lately.

Currently reading : I’m slowly getting back into reading and I’m trying to get back to paperbacks from eBooks. Read Strange the Dreamer, Warcross and Without Merit in the last couple of weeks and I’m feeling super into readin again 💕 Gotta love living many lives.

Currently wishing: Also, I’ve just been doing a fair bit of shopping lately and I’m loving the retail therapy. How I wish we had IKEA here. And guess what .. If you don’t already know, i hear it’s opening up in India in 2018. Who’s gonna control me NOW !! I’m obsessed with room tour and college dorm tour videos and they’re one of my favourite types to watch! And everything they show in their haul is from IKEA. I mean.. I got to visit the Abu Dhabi branch and it was MASSIVEEEEE. I really really need it down here in Chennai ❤️ Management, if you’re reading, come say HI!

Currently crushing:
INTENSE, RAW & UNABASHEDLY HONEST!! Vijay Devarkonda’s versatility is mind blowing and it was one heck of a plot that messes up your head. It makes you longggg for a guy like Arjun in your life. His swagger is like punch to your gut; something that you don’t easily recover from. SO MUCH CONVICTION in his acting. Playing the title role is never easy and he has breathed life into both characters as if it’s child’s play! Loved him as the brilliant college topper but brash student with anger management issues; as well as an alcoholic surgeon who’s bloody good at what he does! MUST WATCH. Telugu films are finally getting so much good attention!! Do check out Vijay Devarkonda. I mean.. Arjun Reddy. The movie , I mean. Yeah, definitely loved the movie. 😛

We shall catch up againsoon. Bye ❤️

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