I came across the advert of Lookup Housing. It is revolutionizing the way housing,renting, selling and home loans are being processed in the current day scenario. Check it out here. The primary goal of this system is making decisions with positiviy and high optimism. Housing after all envisions a world filled with positivity.

We are the most temporary thing on this permanent, Earth. We think we rule this planet and misuse it, but on the contrary, it chucks us out all in the end. It means serious business. No one can overstay their welcome. Not anyone.

In this world, the only thing that could keep us going is positivity. We have tried our best to make this place as dangerous and unhealthy as possible. The little flicker of light within us is the only hope of making this a better place to live. Sometimes we might feel like giving-up and surrendering to this fast-paced valueless life. Trust me; we all do, at one point or the other. But letting life drag you one day at a time is definitely not the way to live. Anyone with a burning desire to achieve shall succeed one day. If you feel, you have given something your all, and still not accomplished what you wanted, just keep one thing in mind. It is just a hint from life that you have underestimated your capacity. You can do more than that.


I recall one particular incident from my middle school when my optimism and happiness blossomed more than I could imagine. We had Art & Crafts classes in my fifth grade. I used to be good at art ever since I was a little kid. My teacher used to appreciate me a lot too. And I was obviously the pet. That teacher resigned on that particular year and a new teacher joined. I was sad that my favorite staff had left, but nevertheless excited to impress my new teacher with my mad drawing skills. She gave us an assignment to paint and bring the next class. It was a bug I think. Allow myself to boast a little, mine was the best. The bug could walk out of my sketch-pad for crying out loud *it was really good, you see*. But she gave one look at it, and gave me poor grade. I was stunned, but I didn’t know to argue. I was a ten-year-old whose only skill was questioned. I went back with a sad face. The normal drawings of my friends’ got a better score. I tried harder for my next assignment. Poor grades again. And the next week, and the next. I was done.

Then before ending of the year, she gave us an on-spot assignment. Drawing contest types. *We usually do only crafts at class and draw at home*. I was drawing and she was patrolling around looking at all the bend heads in utmost concentration. When she passed my desk, she stopped. I became nervous. *Why do teachers stop and stare when you are on a test! Don’t they understand it freaks us out?* 😐  I looked up at her and she just smiled and asked me to go on and left me alone. When the bell rang and she was leaving the classroom with all our sheets, she asked me to meet her in the break.

She told me, “Every time I gave you a bad score for your painting, it was not because your art  was not up-to the mark, it was because I felt it’s too good and I suspected someone in your home helping you with it when other kids’ drawing are mediocre yet truly their work. I’m sorry ok?” And just like that she took my sketchpad and changed the scores. I got the “Distinction in Art” certificate for that year. 🙂

That day onward, I never let myself down for anything. Work hard, give it your best, stay focused. But most of all have a little faith and be happy. 🙂

Everything will be okay in the End.

If it is not okay,it is not the End.

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