Who doesn’t love travelling. I’m definitely not one among the unfortunate few, who feels travelling is a pain and chore. I enjoy it. I cherish it. Our life is too small to meet the same people and go to the same places everyday. Not everyone are lucky enough to travel – some maybe too sick to travel, some might not afford it. But when you are not in both the categories, travel as much as you can. Cause, its only the memories that you will have with you, no matter which way life takes you.

I have not travelled much out of country. And I’m fascinated about only one country in the whole wide world. France. The reason is a bit too obvious. Paris. <3  I’m just too love struck by the beauty and charm the place holds. I would any day rate it the most romantic place to be in, much more than Venice or Switzerland. I have seen so many pictures of Paris and keep heartin’ them on Instagram and retweeting them on Twitter. But I have never got down to sit and read. Read about the place I was so in awe about.

So when I decided to splurge and use up my vacation savings on one precious trip – where else would I go,other than Paris.! I have finally got a GO from my parents to take a trip alone after convincing so much that I need this one time experience in my life. So I’m as excited as a little girl on a Christmas eve.

But then comes the most dreaded part. Okay, I’m going. How ? Which flight? Are there any offers? Am I unwantedly spending too much on a flight when I have other awesome deals going unnoticed? I was more than devastated seeing the number of offers and tariffs for the same accommodation! Then to my rescue, I found Skyscanner!

I went ahead and typed in my Destination and dates of departure and return :


I clicked the Magic Button (read : Search) and waited for a genie to take away all my miseries! And what happened ?


I got a list of flights that I could easily pick from, based on my affordability and convenience. I understand that PARIS is an expensive place to travel and I’m not gonna spend much there. I’m gonna save up all memories and pictures. So decided to pay almost half of my trip savings on the flight!

So after I picked my flight, Skyscanner ever so gently offered me to help select my accommodation.


Phew. No need to browse through a million sites and choose the best descent place at an affordable range with good reviews. ! It was all in ONE PLACE !


This place fitted my budget in a T and was just 1.9km away from the centre of Paris! The accommodation took up some 20000 for all the days and food taken to gether. As I will be having my breakfast there and going out ot explore the city all day long.

And then I had to.. Wait? What now ? I’m done ! Im friggin going to PARIS ! And I’m already done with HOW TO GO and WHERE TO STAY part!!! How on Earth did it happen so quick !?!? Ofcourse , immense thanks to Skyscanner !

Now all I have to do is Google endlessly on what are the places to see and decide what to wear.







God! So much to do and so little time !

*Fiction Alert ! 😀

This post is a part of Skyscanner travel wizard activity at BlogAdda.com


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