Hey there. So there is this trend of typical “Day in my Life” content going around. I love seeing other people’s daily routines! Although it’s nosy, although it’s the same thing day-in and day-out for that person, it gives an insight to how unique and different each of our lives are. I’ve probably seen a million of these and I so love it. So I decided to share mine too.

I now live in Belgium for around 2.5 years. I’m an only child and admittedly spoiled at that. I have never realized it takes so much effort to simply keep life going day-to-day. Kudos to all who get this done. Now I’m accustomed to the daily routine of living alone, but some days are more productive than others. You’ll see 😀

day in my life

My typical day has drastically changed this year, considering I started a new job. My old workplace in Mechelen,Belgium is close to where I live and a 9min walk away. Now I have to take the bus & train for my daily commute.


My typical day in my life starts off by Alexa waking me up at 6:00am. To which I kindly yell back in response, “Alexa, snooze!”. She comes back at me 10mins later. Two to three snoozes later, I’m pretty awake.


By this time, my mom is probably texting me “good morning”. She starts ringing me if she doesn’t get the blue tick by 6:30am 😛 She is in India and the time difference is 4.5 hours. It’s almost noon for her back home.

Sunrise in winters are around 7:30am. It’s getting bright earlier now, but it’s still fairly cold and dark.


It’s around 7am when I make my bed, turn on my heater and go to shower and get ready.

I just make coffee, gulp it at one go and rush down for the bus, which is luckily right in-front of my apartment.


De-lijn (bus service company) in Belgium is not great in coming on-time. But these morning buses are mostly on-time. If the bus doesn’t screw-up or get stuck in morning traffic, I can catch my 8:15 train to Brussels.

I read during my commute, I always have a physical copy with me.


I reach Brussels around 8:30am. Sometimes I grab I croissant at the Panos stall at the station and walk to work. Most days, I skip breakfast. Yikes.

It’s just a 6 minute walk to my workplace. 4mins if I really push it 😛


I’m in my work place.

Most days we go out to get lunch at noon – which is a habit I try to avoid spending money on. But my workplace is so close to the city centre and there are abundant choices to choose from.

I’m an IT Analyst, it’s 80% work and 20% meetings most days and I’m ok with that ratio.


I leave from my workplace, hop on the train and catch the bus and end up home.

I don’t do the bulk weekly grocery shopping, so I stop by the supermarket and get stuff I need to cook dinner and get home around 7pm.

After this, I call my mom to catch-up. Later, it’s pretty random. One of the below happens:

  1. Somedays I just make coffee, eat the bag of chips I just bought at the supermarket and binge-watch series on Netflix way past midnight.
  2. Somedays I unpack my groceries, start cooking – pasta, sphagetti or a curry and wrap to go with it. I eat my dinner around 9pm. Then I read a book as I try to avoid screens an hour before I sleep.
  3. Somedays I finish dinner, edit my YouTube vlog or write a blog post.Then I read a book till I doze off – this is by far the most healthiest option I’m aware.

I actually do enjoy cooking, shots from recent evenings below..

Repeat till I yell at Alexa. 🙂



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