Wow. I’m fifteen days into two-thousand-fifteen and still no posts up on my blog. That’s not the start I was wishing for, but I have got some serious medical emergencies at home and hopefully my slump can be approved.There is a slump in my reading too, I have been in the same book for 2 weeks and have 4 unread books on my shelf before I can break my book-haul-ban. Well, looking at the positive side of the beginning, I’m spending a lot of time with my family. Much needed time. And online-shopping like crazy for apparels and accessories. So that’s a good thing,yeah.

My birthday went fine. Cousins came over, we kicked each other’s ass in UNO and had domino’s for dinner.

Black Forrest it is. Duh, obvio. πŸ˜›


Your’s truly.It’s sad that most people take pictures while cake-cutting-ceremony( what?) than singing the stupid birthday song. My heart aches. Aye, I’m guilty too.


Mommy’s gift! <3 She knows my pulse a little bit too perfectly πŸ˜‰


Moving on..

I’m inconsolably sad about the PVRs acquisition Β of Satyam Cinemas. I cant stomach the fact that someone could sell off Chennai’s Pride to some dumb cinema company for 1000C. I wouldn’t, even for a 1000 crores. Satyam Cinemas is an experienceΒ and I’m positive that PVR is gonna ruin it, so bad. A moment of silence for our beloved Satyam please.

*sniff sniff*

It has been a peaceful year so far with the expenses sky-rocketing, lot of family time, filofaxing and family get-to-gethers. Hope the sickness deserts our family soon and let the peace prevail.

How are you all? πŸ™‚ x

P.S. Totally random, but loved this selfie of mine.Β