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Dialogue in the Dark is one of Chennai’s Theme Restaurant with a twist and is sure to surprise everyone by alluring them in and making them feel a bit more ! Darkness is not everyone’s friend. It makes many of us scared and uncertain. But it is just as beautiful as light is. You just have to learn to just be. No need to self-conscious, for false pretenses and fake smiles. Everyone is just a personality. And you get to experience the true self for yourself.

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Dialogue in the Dark Chennai restaurant review by Sharu | www.vintagemadras.com

So when I got invited to experience a place that celebrates darkness – my joy knew no bounds! Dialogue in the Dark is a global organization that takes pride in introducing a concept that sensitizes people on the lives of the differently-abled and thereby schooling us on the luxury we very constantly oversee.

Dialogue in the Dark (DiD) is located in Express Avenue, Chennai.  There are two experiences

  • Exhibition Tour – Walk through experience
  • Dialogue in the Dark – Taste of Darkness

Exhibition Tour – Walk through experience

The Exhibition Tour is a unique experience that takes place in complete darkness. Not one slit of light coming through any closed doors. No matter how many times you blink your eyes and try to figure out the way, you wouldn’t be able to. It’s fascinating, trust me!

We were given canes and guided by Janaki, a crew member who worked so well in the dark. I kept asking her if she wore some ind of night-vision glasses. She kept laughing and told she’d reveal later. And in this tour we got to take the smell test and find what spice it is, to feel plants, listen to birds and identify it and so many more.

Most exciting part was the jewelry exhibition! Yes, in the dark. How is that even possible you ask? Well, when we go shopping we care less for the intricacies of the piece and the craftsmanship involved. But now, figuring it out if it was a Kerala design or a Rajasthani design, differentiating between Kundan and Pearls – was such a brilliant exercise!

Dialogue in the Dark Chennai restaurant review by Sharu | www.vintagemadras.com

Taste of Darkness

This is the most daring part of the entire tour for me personally because, not knowing what’s in front of you and just relying on the sense of taste to place the dish – was super scary to me! This helps explore, relish and understand every bit of their food rather than just hogging them down. The most interesting part, all of us take Instagram shots, make sure our pictures are drool-worthy, post them on stories and check the views and just keep scrolling while eating. This is such a horrible culture we’ve got going and it helped well and truly taste and appreciate the food.  🙂

Dialogue in the Dark Chennai restaurant review by Sharu | www.vintagemadras.com

Price details : 

Exhibition tour:  Duration: 40 minutes / Cost per head: Rs. 250

Taste of Darkness: Duration: 50 minutes/ Cost per head: Rs. 349 plus taxes (for both veg & non veg)

Location : 

Express Avenue Mall, right opposite to Escape Cinemas.

Also open in Hyderabad and Bangalore.

Thanks to Anand for coordinating this so beautifully and being so patient with us. And for Janaki and her big reveal at the end! 😉 Do visit!
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