My post title already gives off what I feel about the movie. So if that’s what you wanted to know, there you go. It’s a classy entertainer. Go watch it 🙂 Read on to dig deeper into my thoughts.

The movie starts off in the present day with Anushka having striking bangs and school girl smiles. Despite being so tall and no where near petite, she has an innocent face. The bangs helps.  Cute! 😉 I have never heard any song from the movie before actually watching them on the big screen, so I was pleasantly surprised with Yen Ennai.. The English lyrics stanza just caught me off-guard. Loved it. Good job, HJ! Anushka meets Ajith (Sathya Dev) on the flight and is bowled over by how handsome he is. Well, we all agree that Ajith is one of the handsome hunks of Kollywood. He even rocks the salt and pepper. Tamil Nadu George Clooney and all. But Anushka keeps saying “Gosh he is so handsome” about 10 times there and it kinda annoys you (annoyed me). But I loved it when she says,

“Ulagathulaye azhagana oruthan unna mudhal murai paakura appo, vaandhi ah di eduthutu irupa??” (her mindvoice)

More than the dialogue itself, I loved it that she talks to herself in second person. *I personally do that a lot.* 😀

So moving on, they interact with the song in the background. And she discovers something about Ajith that makes him think of the flashback. The flashback is the entire movie. I was waiting so bad for them to get back to reality, but they never seem to bother. It wasn’t really slow (maybe it was), but the audience were getting anxious. Because fanatics want a mass movie but it was totally sassy. GVM was felt in every frame of Hemanika-Sathyadev. Trisha looked like a glowing goddess in a way only GVM can make his heroines look. 😉

Wow, I actually managed to write a review on Yennai Arindhaal for 300-odd words without a single mention about Arun Vijay. This review sucks. Lol. I’m one of those shameless people who suddenly became his fan. Who suddenly acknowledged that he is a brilliant actor. After 20 years. Holy fudgecake. He was phenomenal in every frame. Such an overlooked talent! I’m so happy GVM chose him and gave him such a huge role and glad Ajith was willing to share the screen-space with him without worrying about the character dominance. Who is the hero of Jigarthanda? Sidharth or Simha? Same scenario. 🙂

Esha was so charming and looked like the girl you would want to scoop into your arms and never let go. When she sings “Mummy’s getting married. Esha’s very lucky” – heartbreaker !

Talking about the story of YA, it’s basically Varanam Ayiram with all the girls kidnapped-hero saves-heroine exits-new girl enters scenario. With generous amount of Vettaiyadu Vilayaadu added here and there and garnished with Kaakha Kaakha and VTV. BUT – it was served HOT, and it sure was delicious.

Who am I to dissect a film, the plot, the story, the background score, cinematography etc. *you have a million other reviews doing that for you anyways*. At the end of the day, all that matters is, “How was the movie?”. And Yennai Arindhaal was good !!

It’s a full-on Gautam Vasudev Menon movie and Arun Vijay stole the show. But Ajith let him.! So it’s a must watch, you guys 🙂





8 thoughts on “Distinguished Gentleman Indeed

  1. Sounds interesting actually. Though I have not watched the movie still will surely do as it is quite interesting as per your review. Thank u for the share.

  2. Don’t you think 4 Stars is bit too much for this movie? I felt Gautham, have not worked on his script and just retouched his “Good – Family – Cop – Turns – Tough – Bad cop” formula. Tough i like his soft romantic scenes, YA was bit annoying. Anushka was un-tolerable and trisha was like meh!

    Harris BGM were just mere rip off from his previous works. BGM during the climax fight had bit & pieces from Sathiyam – Vettiyadu Vilayadu – Force – Kakka Kakka. Post interval song & final 40 mins of the movie was rescuer.

    Talking about Ajith, he did not create any impact on audience heart with any of his emotions. ( The scene after his daugher was kidnapped, he comes out from the jeep and scream/cry in middle of the road made me feel like ” Sir neenga alarengala illa sirikireengala?” )

    1. Even i mentioned Anushka was annoying the crap outta everyone.
      Even I jus said Trish glowed. Didnt really act. No scope either.
      The story was a GVM movie mashup and I agreed.
      Ajith wasn’t the hero. Arun stole the show from him nu solliten.
      GVMs Magic was there and even an Ajith movie managed to look classy for me. That’s saying something !
      And as I concluded in the review .. despite all the above mentioned points.. The movie was good. I felt entertained da. That is the view of Sharu and her 120bucks. Indha technical aspects kaaga and the fact that the hero was not the hero at all kaga how could I give a 3 star? I enjoyed and I dint wanna lie on my own blog tht I felt it’s oly ok ok . Wer else am I gonna tell the truth then? 🙂

      1. I have seen you all these years, you fall easily for these kind of soft – romantic – emotional – hi class – love portions/ flicks. Don’t you? 😀

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