What kind of sleeper are you? Do you drop off like a stone and awaken refreshed, or do you need pitch black and silence to drift off to dream?

Sleep. It is most peaceful and refreshing thing that could happen to a person. And luckily, it happens everyday.! I used to dream a lot back then. But somehow I feel the number of dreams that I get over the past few years are way too less than how it used to be. Not that Im regretting, isn’t it weird?


I always wish to wake up in style. You know..?    Like the girls in commercial, with a perfect half-smile and a sexy bed-head..     stretching your hands oh-so-sweetly ?   You know?

Yeah right. That only happens when you’ve got nine cameras in front of you when you wake up.  Or, act like it. Me – I go home after a tiring long day (that is everyday) ..all exhausted and fed up with the world and its cruelty of having to work (even when it is 200% my choice) . . munch on something delicious that mummy had prepared and go straight to bed! Nah, sleep doesn’t sweep me off my feet and all that.. I will lie down and scroll. Scroll twitter, scroll facebook, scroll instagram, scroll wattpad. After endless scrolling and retweeting and giving hearts to pictures, sleep arrives in style and knocks me out.


I wake up “late” (yes. its in bold, in quotes and underlined for a reason) with NO teeny bit of enthusiasm (but ofcourse
thankful for yet another morning ! )..get ready…curse the world again… rush to work , driving my car like a maniac and
reach work late.



Yup,that’s me. A very girl-next-door’ish-type. 😉

This post is written for Daily Prompt : Mr.Sandman 



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