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First Car. Its always special. I was practically pleading mommy with the bestest doe-eye and puppy-face I could muster, for a Scooty Pep Pink.  She strongly declined and got me too many stuffs like Digi-cam, MANY fastrack watches (it was a RAGE back then!)  and even let me go on my excursion to Kerala etc. All this happened in my 11th Grade, when I asked for a two-wheeler. But eventually she got me. When I was in my College Second year. I lost interest.

So when I needed FELT LIKE, I need a car..I immediately went ahead and got my licence in Jan 2012. But the car selection process lasted too long for my own liking. “One car. Best car” we decided. Ideas ranged from Swift Dzire to VW Polo. But there were a bunch of people who came in and casually brainwashed dad that..I’m sure to go hit poles and cars during first few months of real driving…So its beter to opt for a second hand car for the first 4-6 months. Followed by a biggie.  I cant handle my OCD in an old car thinking who used it, how they handled it and all that. So we decided its best to go for a small but new car for the first year. Let both of us get used  to the Chennai Driving, and then get the biggie! Sounded perfect and then entered Eon.

Hyundai Eon LPG

After getting the car somewhere in August 2013, we very rarely took it out as dad doesn’t drive, and I was a newbie learner. We were calling call drivers every weekend.. Timing went well with Pavendan, a person dad knows. And in three weeks, I started driving by myself to work. It wouldn’t have been possible if not for him. Whenever I was feeling nervous, people who teach me immediately direct me on how to proceed. But when I look upto him for spontaneous support, he gives me a blank look and asks me to use MY presence of mind and do what I would do, if I were alone. Brilliant.

I picked up and though many people said I drive well (my friends tease the hell out – lets ignore that pls 😛 ), I was extremely happy when my mom, dad and teacher appreciated me. 🙂 That mattered the most.  Although I made a few scratches on my car, mostly due to the awkwardly positioned ramp at my very own apartment – like, who builds slope at 45 degrees. WTH., I expected these scratches. That’s why I kept the Sedan waiting a year 🙂


Eon says Hi to me! Day 1 🙂


Learning days. 🙂
First Day Self Driving and Parking at Office 😛


My babe’s Boyfriend at office. Even she has one 🙁 They both always stay at Block 9B Middle Basement 😀
I <3 U Darlin!


I just dont care what people think. My car is too adorable and I love it. Eon for life  a year! 😀 😛



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