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Our life is kind of programmed. We get up – work/go to school – sleep. Repeat. I have noticed this preset pattern only very recently. I was thinking I was having fun with my life until one day I paused and looked back to find myself doing the same stuff, day-in and day-out. I never took a new route to work, nor experimented a new stall at cafeteria, or a new dish at my favorite restaurant. It’s always been preset for me. I make sure things are that way, without even my knowledge. Although there are a million things I haven’t tried out yet, I will list a few of my firsts first ! 😉 Aah, the way I play with words 😉 😛

First Movie : Baassha. Rajnikanth movie 😉  During some sentimental scene, I got all irritated and cried aloud asking my mom to change the channel and keep Pingu. Everyone who heard me, cracked up itseems. Ofcourse they did :/ 😛

First bike : Wego. After years of begging and pleading, mom got me Wego when I was in my second year.

First car : Eon. I have said the entire history here, so not talking about it any further.

First Fashion Faux Pas  : Wearing vertical stripes. Me being tall AND lean, its EXACTLY how I should NOT dress up!

First Job : Programmer Analyst @ Cognizant

First Phone : Sony Ericsson Walkman. God knows how much I showed-off ! 😀 😛

First Salary : August 30, 2013.

First Drink : I was a milkshake girl for a longg time, until one day I tried Milo !!  😀  Collected allll the bats and rackets and sippers and all other crappy stuff they gave 😀

First Love : Rahul Dravid. He even shares my birthday. Aww <3 We’re meant to be, I thought 🙁

First Success : Learning to drive a bike, the first ever time I bought it. I have never even TREID to drive before. Its still a mystery how I did it 😀

First Book : Glitter Girls and Famous Five from my School Library 😀  I took these both together, dont remember which one I finished first 😀

I’m having a hugee bucket list waiting to be checked. But it isnt easy, inexpensive, effortless. Everything you want to do, but is always pending falls under one of these categories. Mostly. Giving your best at work, Visiting Paris, Flying in a Air Baloon type of things.


But that’s the things about Life. Everything is possible. But life always takes a step back and watches you. See you struggle. See you fall. See you crumble. And wait for you to pick yourself up, and succeed. 🙂


Cheers 🙂 x


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