When you have passion and the admiration for something, give it your all to achieve it.

I did nothing to boast here, but I’m immensely thankful for the experience I got. I was selected to interview the Indian Squash Champion Joshna Chinappa for the Femina Made By You issue. When I got the call from the Assistant Editor Reema Behl herself, I was over the top with excitement. But I was mildly skeptical about going, as my mom was not in the best of health. It felt wrong to go and have fun at this time. But she pushed me. She said, chances like his don’t come twice. I love her to the moon and back. <3  But it all wore out the next morning and a weird feeling took temporary residence in my stomach. I can’t tell that I was nervous, cause it didn’t actually look like that in the picture x_x . I don’t even know what I was feeling 😐

She answered the door with a brilliant smile and said, “Hey! Come on in”. I was like OMG. She was very sweet and charming. Did not throw attitude for even a second and radiating all that we-are-friends-for-the-past-fifteen-years vibe. !! I felt so comfy and went ahead with the interview. Femina’s Chennai Regional Editor Neeti was present. She already gave me the heads up that Joshna is a sweetheart and nothing to worry about. That sort of calmed my nerves.  It was quick, frank and casual interview . I even recorded it on my iPhone only. Nothing fancy there.

We had brownies and cola and chatted away off-the-record like college buddies. <3 She was so enthusiastic and lively when she spoke about her tours and the funny moments there. Her mom was happy about the all-girls-team (Joshna, Me, Neeti and Photographer Priyadharshini) and was competing with Joshna to me sweeter 😛  The photo session was the best part and later when I exhausted my question pool, Joshna started asking me questions about where I studied and what do I do and how my work-life is like. Awesome.Not my work life of-course, the way she mingled. 🙂

And the issue is out on stands now. 🙂 THANK YOU FEMINA !! 🙂

femina made by you issue

Femina Joshna Chinnappa
Femina, 27 Jan,2015 issue.

I’m never gonna forget this day.Hope it is the start to many. *hope*

P.C : Priyadharshini



2 thoughts on “Femina #MadeByYou : Joshna Chinnappa

  1. Hi Sharu!

    Nice article! Many congrats on the feature! do you have the physical copy of this issue? I got an email saying a photograph of mine is selected to feature but I had no clue if it did or not, not able to get an issue as well. Could you please help. Just need to know if there is any photograph (of elephants) featured in the name Shruthi Nandagopal. Please please let me know!

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