On this free writing day, remember the words of author Anne Lamott: “I don’t think you have time to waste not writing because you are afraid you won’t be good at it.

Okay, here we go. This the second time I’m attempting this free-writing sorts and I’m so not sure how this one would turn out to be. Because I’m in a clueless state of mind. Nah, not temporarily because it is 11:46AM and I hate this hour of the day. I’m vague and clueless about anything and everything that happens around me now .

One good thing. Well, remarkable thing that is happening and I’m very grateful for is the Rain. Not the drizzle or the cloudy days with slight fancy showers. It is a torrent  down p our everyday between 3- well, till I doze off. So I’m liking this climate and Chennai looks exceptionally beautiful now. #Louv

Okay, so now I have shifted from typing in my WordPress New Post dialog to a Word screen to keep track of the count of words I have tried to squeeze outta my little head. I’m determined to learn Hindi  now more than ever because …just because. I have always had a love for this language and it becomes heartbreakingly tough when I go to a Hindi movie with a particularly cute hero guy *cough Siddharth Malhotra cough cough* and I do not understand what he says and just stare at the screen like a dumb woman. So yeah, Hindi learning is in full force now.

Luckily I have got allocated into my next project where there are a few people from my previous  project – Hindi folks. That should help! It is a change for me from .Net to JAVA and a very welcoming change too! The only downside is that, I wanted to go to some office in OMR but I have got DLF again. But, that’s about it. Stuff happens for a reason 😉

I’m trying to be more social and responsible now. But the former part is being mainly focused on social networks and that does not make me too happy. I’m sort of ALWAYS  on Twitter and I know this is a phase. And, this too shall pass 😉 I’m just hoping I enjoy my stay as long as it lasts.

And yeah, I am suddenly fascinated about Libraries. I’m a member of a small cozy library close to my house. And I get my kind of fiction books there. I would die before I even complete reading half of the books there. But I ‘m having a desire to go visit the Connemara Library and Anna Centenary Library and become a member there. Being in Chennai, I have missed out on this too much already. Hope I compensate J And that Connemara has come in sooo many movies and I’m planning to visit it ASAP!

And yeah, A.R.Rahman’s 90s songs are growing on me recently. Got to download the albums today. Driving in the rain alone with ARR music would be unbeatable I bet ! J

Whoa. This is my 484th word and I was supposed to write 400 words. Take that !

Way to go, Sharu !


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