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Are you gifted?? If you are able to login, read this post and process the information in your mind and actually understand that I’m pointlessly rambling, you actually are. There are many occassions, most of them actually, that we do not even acknowledge our gifts. If I say that, I take a moment to Thank God for the new day, the moment I wake up, I’m lying. I immediately check my notifications on the phone, see the time, freak out and rush to work. Yeah, and thats on a daily basis. But I do feel previledged that I’m given one more chance to prove my existence. Not everyone who went to bed last night, actually got up today. You did. Make it count. 🙂

There was a small cominc strip competion at my workplace. I drew a too silly comic and sent it in. Not a winning kind of thing, just a celebration for World Happy Day. 🙂 And the strip that I came up with, although very kiddish and un-artistic (?) , proved to me, that I’m actually thankfull for everything in life. Made me Happy too 🙂

This is the strip I was talking about :


Picture 1 : Le me unhappy. For not any particular reason.

Picture 2 : God asks : What more do you want, to make you happy?

Me :  God ? :O

Picture 3 : I would want… ? *thinks hard*

I have my parents with me. I have got a goo education…I work at a big organization. . I am healthy and alive.. I’ve got                           friends to share my happiness.. I want. .

Picture 4 : She realizes she has everything one needs to be happy. But she just dint CHOOSE to be. 🙂

One thing though. These makes me glad. But you can be happy without these too. That’s beyond yourself 🙂 I remember the line from one of my favorite movies..

Yesterday is History. Tomorrow is Mystery. Today is a Gift. That’s why it’s called the Present.

-Kung fu Panda

Cheers 🙂 x




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