Okay. This is supposed to be an episode with answers. It has to untie and untangle all the knots and un-cliff the cliffhangers or whatever. But I’m magically having even more questions now. Good job there, show runners!

I’m really getting tired of this Jon Snow is dead or not game. We have millions of theories floating around the Internet on our grumpy heartthrob’s comeback. Ofcourse he is going to comeback. Just make it sooner please! He is gonna come right? *whimpers*

Theon Greyjoy (yes, not Reek anymore..I hope so. You can never be sure in GoT) is on a heroic mission to save Sansa Stark from sweet innocent Ramsay (The one person I hate as much as Jeoffry. I hope things end for you likewise, mate) . Theon even decides to sacrifice him for Sansa but Brienne and Podrick swoop in to save them from Ramsay’s men. I almost.. almost…believed things are gonna get better and that good will outshine evil when Sansa and Brienne exchanged vows. (I know it’s the game of thrones, but a girl can wish!)

A ship arrives from Dorne and Cercei rushes to welcome the only possible thing that could lighten her life right now – Myrcella (after the walk of shame and all, that was pretty cruel guys). And there is Jammie with his dead daughter. Cercei is so broken that she doesn’t even get mad or plot out revenge or break glasses. She just sits and cries that the witch was right. That her curse is true. “She promised me three children and she promised me they’d die. ” (Oh hi, Tommen. We weren’t talking about ya. Catch you later ) Ofcourse Jamie promises to take revenge for her, and I really hope Cercie is back to her dazzling evil cruel self. She was more fun that way.

Meanwhile it’s now Margaery’s turn to get tortured, oh corrected, and asked to confess. Let’s not go there. She is one of the most diplomatic and beautiful woman in this show. Love her. *sniffs*

And back to Dorne. Oh daaammmmn. What the hell man. I knew Ellaria was a wicked one when she poisoned Myrcella. But Doran and Trystane? She doesn’t even want the crown. What for? Just to avenge Oberyn? Sick, you. And skewering on faces .. not cool, Sand girl.

Tyrion and Varys roam the streets of Mereen. People of Meereen are scattered without their ruler (who is apparently kidnapped, we ll come to that later). Someone sets ships of Meereen on fire. The Sons of Harpy should probably have a wicked leader. Wonder who could that be. Hmmmmm. Not bothered. Moving on..

One of the most eligible candidate, Danerys is held captive by the Dothrakis. They agree not to harass her cause she is a dead Khal’s wife, but they won’t let her go back to Meereen and rule either. Now that’s interesting. Probably Drogo is on the way to barbecue this place. I’m looking forward to that episode 😀 (And Daario Naharis? Checked. Still hot 😀 )

Poor Arya is blind and begging and getting beaten up. I don’t know if it’s working, but it’s just plain sad. The man has no pity? 

And the WTF part of this premiere. Mellisandre. What is she? How old is she actually? That transformation. I never saw it coming and that was like a kick in the gut. It’s definitely not a magic choker that made her old. She probably is actually old? Or maybe she sacrificed her youth to bring back the life within Jon Snow? Oh god. Give the next episode already.

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  1. Have you read the books? If no, then let me tell you how it is to read a 1000 page tome only to find out the story has barely moved forward! That was Dance with Dragons by the way. Anyway like someone said, the first episode did a good enough job of checking-in with all the important characters and threads.

    John Snow, well all I know is that his involvement in Season 6 is gonna be very less. Kit Harrington said so himself, so I’m not gonna keep my breath out for him to magically come alive. At least for now.

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