How do you even recover from that kind of a finale?! Lets recollect, shall we?

Cersei has her walk of shame.

Arya crosses one name off her to-do list and loses her sight for it.

Daenerys is left surrounded by Dothraki.

Myrcella is poisoned by Elaria Sand.

Sansa and Theon jump out of Winterfell.

Stannis is probably killed by Brienne. To avenge Renly.

And last but definitely not least, Olly kills Jon Snow.

I’m not even gonna talk. *stares at the screen for 17 seconds*. Why would they do this to us? I mean, what is wrong with George Effing R.R. Martin ?! That guy has some serious issues. OMG.


Okay, Cersie Lannister. I know she’d confess. They were driving her insane. But THIS kind of atonement?! She would have rotted in that cell, if she had known – I’m sure. Have you ever thought you’d feel sorry for Cersie? I never did. I was getting a gig out of it when she got hit by the spoon. But damn, this was really really sad. I’m not saying she doesn’t deserve it. But still sad. Dammmmmmn. Lena Headey was AH-MAY-ZING.Btw, that new Kingsguard? Who do you think he is ? The Hound? :/ Cause we never saw him die..and this is the Game of Thrones :/


Okay Arya. I love you girl. But I never for a single moment thought you’d be SOOOOOO CRUELLY BRUTAL. I shut my laptop screen down and just listened to the dialogues. Cruel. Worst than Oberyn’s death.! That is saying something !! (Damn, I loved Oberyn). And is she like, blind now.?? :O That wouldnt even surprise me at this point. You are even lucky  to stay alive, Ms.Stark!

Okay, Daenerys went on a la-la ride with Drogon in E09 (that was one kick-ass episode!). She now finds herself in the middle of nowhere, no idea how to return to Meereen with this wounded hungry dragon – wait for it- and surrounded by Dothrakis. Are they her attackers? I mean, isn’t she their Khaleesi ? :/ Clarify please? (She dropped her ring. Smooth move, Dan! ;))


Myrcella gets a poison kiss from Elaria. What a touch. Only Elaria has the antidote to keep her alive. Myrcella dies?  (Not sure, we dint see her die). I liked it that she and Jamie were sharing a daddy-daughter moment. I liked her for a max of TWO episodes – now she is probably dead. Good job, Martin! >_<

Sansa is stupid, dumb and the most boring character this season. I knew Petyr Baelish instructed her and all that. But Ramsay? Pffft. Stupid. I wouldnt miss her even if she died. But browny points for Reek Theon Greyjoy for stepping up! 🙂 (by jumping down? 😀 )


Stannis becomes the most cruel person when he sacrifices Princess Shireen. I effing hate you MelisandreI really never though Stannis was the One True King and all. So, I’m not sad he is gone. In fact I’m happy he died, for what he did to Shireen. I like his Hand guy more. (Whats his name? ) But did Stannis die ? They didn’t show us. Brienne jus lifted her sword :/ ?

And Jon Snow. White Walkers. For the eye-contact you shared with the blue-eyed creepy thingy. For being pretty. For having Ghost. For knowing nothing! But come back please?  :'(

jon snow dead

Now that the Red Woman is here, cant she summon the Lord Of Light or someone and bring him back to life? We know you like him . Please?

Olly is the most hated person on the internet right now -_- Rightfully so. !!


Well, what do y’all think? What did you love and hate? 🙂 No matter how much I curse the show and the writers, it is EPIC. Purely Epic. Loving it and I can’t imagine the wait for Season 6  already 😐

Some of my fave GoT memes :

game of thrones game of thrones game of thrones3

 VALAR MORGHULIS. Damn straight.


23 thoughts on “Game Of Thrones Season 5 Finale Discussion

  1. Watched it 😀
    This is very strange; well, at least the Sansa story went on as expected 😀 😀

    I liked Tyrion with Daenerys and then she is with the Dothraki. And then Jon Snow is gone 🙁

    1. Okay let me see. The season was good. Everyone dies. Unexpected people form allies. Lots and lotssssss of betrayal. Brutal deaths. Some people are SO gonna die in just the E01 of next season! Can’t wait 😀 and the WHITE WALKERS are not just a bunch of rotten skeletons. Those guys are CREEEPYMAX! 😀

  2. I read till the fifth book and don’t remember Stannis dying. But I heard that with the finale. the TV series has finally crossed the books!!! I don’t watch the TV show, and it’s gonna hard if Winds of Winter comes after the sixth season.

    1. PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE DONT SPOIL 🙁 I read every book before I watch the movie adaptation. But I honestly thank the Lord of the Seven Kingdoms that I did not read ASOIAF!

      1. Hey I didn’t spoil anything, did I? Anyway from now on you’ll be spoiling me. 😛

        You either read the books or watch the show. I don’t watch the show as it is excruciating to see the same atrocities happen again. I have already gone through the hate phase while reading the books, thank you very much.

        1. Hahaha. I flinch at the very minute sword fights on TV, imagine my horror after watching the S01 of GoT 😀 but I somehow loved the story and got hooked. (still peeping through my fingers during monstrosities. )

          1. Yea ASOIAF is a love/hate relationship for me. It’s bloody darned awesome but also brutal on the reader’s emotions. Who dies in S01?

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