I have been reading a lot of serious books in the past couple of months. Investment Banker, Stock Market-Addict CMO, Detective Agents and  Research Associates are the lead characters of the books that I have been reading. And in the line, comes another spectacular book, God is a Gamer by Ravi Subramanian. I have already bought his Bankerupt a few months ago and enjoyed reading it thoroughly. It was fast-paced and addictive. And ofcourse I had soaring expectations with God is a Gamer! Lets see how it fared. god-is-a-gamer-cover-lr

P.S. I lovvvvved the cover of the book ! It looks so powerful 😉

Author : Ravi Subramanian

Pages : 310

Publication : Penguin Books

Published year : 2014

This book was referred to as the first ever bitcoin thriller. And I googled bitcoins endlessly until I atleast had a vague idea on what the hell it is. Trust me, it’s mind-blowing. The book has several characters, a CEO, a guy aspiring to become the Head, Finance Minister, Affairs, Love, Lust, FBI,CBI, Mumbai Police, Drug Mafias,Gamer, Malware, Senator, Hackers, Robbers, bots- to name a few. *Now dont go Whaaaat.!* 😀  Creating a plot with a limited number of characters is difficult enough, how did Ravi manage to do THIS – God knows!

The Good : The book got me hooked in the first few chapters. The chapters were small and the characters were introduced in each chapter one by one. Our mind goes on a over-drive trying to keep track of all the characters and who-is-who! It is a race against time no doubt ! The characterization were very clear and the body language also matched up to the characters. For instance, in a line, the author would have mentioned, “Sundeep said meekly”. Yes, that’s Sundeep. The soft and silent one. Much care has been taken to take the reader on a roller-coaster ride without any nasty speed-breakers that bends the logic. I also adored how we ourselves come to a conclusion on who the villain is an finally get a shocker of a twist 😀 Nah, I expected it would not be that person. It was too obvious for a Ravi Subramanian book* 😀 And  this book is a treasure. We learn so much in such a short time. The author has researched and gave the reader an insight to some of the totally alien stuffs which are pretty soon gonna be ruling the world. I felt so stupid for not knowing about it earlier, but you know, that what books are for. Now I know 🙂 Also, we get to know the flip-side of the Gaming world. I have been a facebook game addict myself, playing Farmville and Cityville day and night. I set up alarms at 3 am cause I don’t want my farmville carrots to wilt !! So it was really mind-boggling to know what the guys do at the backdrop of these games!!

The Not-So-Good :  Okay, I got confused in the climax. The anti-climax and shocker of climax would have worked better if it wasn’t so twisted. If the V2.0 is going to be a different league, why do it as libertarian? And the motive behind the actual villain is somewhat bland.Yes, the person would seek revenge for what had happened in the past. But to this extent ? Was a bit dramatic, but as long as I enjoyed reading the book – none of it matters. 🙂 And the Good part is so huge when compared to the Not-so-good part. That counts for something,right?? 😉

Final Verdict : A fact-pacing page turner which generous number of characters, cliff-hangers and twists, God is a Gamer is an adventurous read!


Thank you so much Blogadda for giving the chance to read such a kick-ass book!. And even hearty thanks for this great initiative and sending out author signed copies!!! I’m a happy girl 🙂 🙂 Capture

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