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I dono how do people function, but I am too much of a cinematic person. Everything has to be full-blast. When you are in love, it has to shower roses; when you are fighting, glasses have to shatter and when your holidaying, it has to be Venice.! That’s too extreme I guess. But it is of-course in my wish list. I have traveled a lot within my country. To every state capital that is. My dad loves travelling and every time my summer break comes up, we set out on our expedition to explore the unknown.  I don’t have all the pictures in digital format L Many are in albums. You know, the printed photos 😉 As much as difficult it might be to access those pictures whenever we want… When we take out the album, all of us fall over it to recollect memories. That is absolutely special <3 

So for now, pictures from my last Holiday 2013 when I visited Hyderabad and Ooty again.


Chowmala Palace, Hyderabad



Not gonna stop taking mirror selfies anywhere 😛


Hyderabad - NTR Gardens
Hyderabad – NTR Gardens
Hill Country Holidays, Ooty
Charring Cross, Ooty



Where did you go for you last holiday ?? 🙂 


4 thoughts on “H : Holidays

  1. Beautiful photographs! You live in a very lovely country.
    We went to Seoul for our last holiday. It was a lot of fun, but not nearly as beautiful. Thanks for sharing!

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