I’ve been MIA on my blog lately – again. Damn I should really stop doing this. (Excessive reading.)

I recently read a blog post on the blogger’s happiest day. And I did a quick search and the internet throws me back pages and pages of each person’s happy day memory. What is my happiest day?

happiest day

To be frank, I do not know. That really doesn’t mean I’m a bitter sorry person. No, I’ve had my fair share of exciting and dull moments. But happiest day is when something remarkable happens. Something that changes your life for the better. Not a day, when you buy your car or go on a vacation. I prefer to define it that way.

So when I look back on the years that I have lived, I really don’t see one. My life has been planned and executed. Nothing impulsive. But even when you achieve what you planned, it gives you joy. My placement results – getting placed in two of my favorite companies, getting my first salary, learning to drive, getting my license, seeing my parents smile on my Graduation day, everything was a happy memory. But that didn’t define my life or let me take on a new bold route.

I’m still waiting for that day.I’m hoping it is not too far away 🙂

Do you have a happiest day? If so, what is it? x


4 thoughts on “Happiest Day

  1. I hope when it comes, it won’t be a single happy day but a string of happy days! 😀 I think a truly happy day would be when you achieve something remarkable. Something that sets you ap[rt from the rest of the crowd. I’m waiting for that day too.

  2. Everyday should be a happy day. But in reality we have pain, fears, and low self esteem as well as a million and one other things. I think my happiest day will be when I have achieved all my goals in life!

    1. Most often these insecurities come in the way. It is truly difficult to have the clarity and see life for what it is. These things matter so much to us. Hopefully we ll get clarity with age 🙂

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