After the Project Work got over, it was SUCH a relief. Cause me and my team-mates..well, that’s a different story! :/ I just hated the pressure , the panic, the rejections, modifications etc. Not once. Again and again and again !! So that is done, and then the Semesters followed. My last Semester exam on the road to completing my Degree. It went by well , I can say. 😛 Cause now that the results are out, and I achieved what I aimed for ,and what my mom expected from me. 🙂

Now, the biggest nightmare that I face even on day time is : WHAT DO I DO. The Date of Joining will be issued only after 3-5 months. What do people generally do to keep themselves occupied? Worthwhile stuffs, I mean! Cause I’m literally switching between
Iron-Man | Gossip Girl | Vampire Diaries | Nora Roberts | Nicholas Sparks | Hunger Games
And I’m literally wasting all my daddy’s money in eyeliners and lipsticks 🙁 Lipsticks! Yeah ! Forgot to mention that I got my FIRST EVER LIPSTICK in my life, only YESTERDAY 😐 How bad is that ? :/ 😛
*it DESERVED a special mention you see 😛 *

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