Who doesn’t love Pizza? I have had pizzas mostly at Dominos and Pizza Hut and I more than happy with Dominos. I have found my new love for White Sauce Pasta there too! This weekend we had a family get-together and decided to go to Nandos *not yet tried* or the Noodle Bar at Phoenix Market City, Velachery. But Uncle wanted to try California Pizza Kitchen as he loved it at Bangalore. So lets see how it went.


We went in around 9.30PM and the place was 60% occupied. Its located on the outdoors of the mall and you might not find it inside.  It’s a couple of doors adjacent to Starbucks and Nandos. So we went there and as we were already starved, jumped right into the menu. For soups we ordered Sedona Tortilla Soup (Veg )and Chicken Wild Rice Chowder (Only those two were available anyways! ). The Tortilla Soup  had a strong tomato base and was okay. But everyone were raving about the Wild Rice Chowder soup, though I dint have!

For starters we went with Black Bean Quesadilla, Spicy Chicken Supreme and Wonton Rolls Platter that had both Veg and Non Veg Wontons. The Spicy Chicken Supreme is a must try there and it was perfectly cooked and we could feel the rich flavor of the tangy wing sauce in every bite. The Black Bean Quesadilla was another hit with the Black Bean Sauce and Sliced Onion fighting for dominance with the dash of spice from the Serrano pepper. Wonton Rolls were okay. Maybe the wonton that I had from the assorted platter wasn’t all that great.

For drinks we chose Pineapple Twister, Cranberry Mist, Fresh Lime Water. They were not freshly prepared as they used canned juices and just served in a glass. That dint cut it for us ! Could have very easily settled with coke.  They swapped the Sweet and Salt Fresh Lime Water for my mom and aunt and they immediately brought fresh ones. So, one point for service !

For Pizzas we just had a Traditional Cheese and Albuquerque Pizza. We went ahead with thin crust as we were already full. Both the Pizzas were soft and flavorful. Traditional Cheese has the Mozzarella Cheese which I am fond off. Albuquerque had Cheddar cheese. So I inclined more towards my cheese pizza but people at the table were equally happy with both.

We skipped deserts as we were eyeing for Frappuccino from Starbucks 😀 But on the whole it was a very nice and pleasant dining experience at the California Pizza Kitchen !


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