DISCLAIMER : Veg restaurant.

Address : AJ-6, 4th Avenue, Shanthi Colony, Anna Nagar East,Chennai.

Visited this place tonight. First things first, it’s right on the road and people wold have easily given it a miss for the lack of parking. But they have got a separate land right next to the restaurant for parking purposes. Instantly impressed. 🙂


We went to the AC hall and the place looked spotless. The theme was black and white and gave a very serene feel. No flies or bad air-conditioning. No waiting for long hours even though the place was packed on a Monday night.
We ordered Gobi Pepper Fry for starters ; followed by 14 Mini Idly with Sambhar & Ghee, Pal Kozhukattai and Adai Aviyal. All the dishes were good. Adai was a tad bit on the thicker side, but the overall flavor and the killer Aviyal made up for that. ! Dad loved his Paal Kozhukattai and said it tasted authentic. My mini idlies came in such a huge bowl, totally immersed – not dipped – in Sambhar. It was tooo soft and absorbed the sambhar so beautifully. And no wonder it tasted yumm. They also provided an additional cup of Sambhar and Chutney with it 🙂
Mini Idlies
Paal Kozhukattai
Adai Aviyal
Gobi Pepper Fry – Yumm!!
The hospitality deserves a special mention! The waiters were so kind and kept smiling all through and maintained such a polite tone throughout. And when I wanted to reach to a waiter, the main guy (read : owner’s son ? sorry if I’m wrong. ) immediately called the waiter and made him check on us! And also, the other person (read : owner ? ) , was very sweet when we were leaving our table. I just had to write that I loved the place in a tissue and give him! I did 🙂
And the total bill amount was 480 for the dishes I mentioned including an vanilla ice-cream and 2 Filter Coffees. Killer food at an unbeatable price? I’m in !! 🙂
P.S.This is not a sponsored post. I liked this place – hence the rave. 

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