Do you ever imagine people up? Not to sound creepy, but have you noticed kids in horror movies say they have a secret friend in the closet.? That kind of incidents freak me out and as far as my mom can remember, I have not mentioned any secret friend during my childhood. But now I make people up. *behold!* I’am well aware its a figment of my imagination,but it really quenches your thirst for support.

And I always make up an imaginary big brother. Because I never had and never will have one. I’m the only daughter and a spoiled brat. I absolutely have no complaints with how my parents raised me. I’m pampered and loved. *touch wood* But there is this unavoidable void that threatens to swallow you whole. A feeling that I am alone. What will I do after twenty years ? *considering I’ll be alive * Without a family to turn to. Of-course I’ll have the family I created for myself. But that is different. I see some of my friends fight with their big brother, laugh, be mad at and get gifts from. That kind of love is treasured. He might be my worst critic, tell me my blog is crappy, steal my phone charger, complain about me to my mom, laugh his ass off when I do my make-up. But he would have loved me and broke the face of anyone who tries to hurt me.


I wanted that. To tease him about his crush, not let him watch the match and change to a reality TV show or something, fight over the popcorn at the movies. But now when I sit at the cinema hall with full cheese popcorn for myself, my heart aches a little.

Love you, my imaginary big bro xx

Do you wish you had someone by your side? At least a little longer ?  

P.S. When I look at Kollywood, Dhanush and Jeeva give me a super-bonding big brother feel.


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