Univercell Sync is an experience!

That was supposed to be the bottom-line, but never mind.

I was lucky enough to be invited to the Univercell Sync Blogger Meet at the Chennai Showroom on 30-August-2014. The bloggers were kindly welcomed and led to Mr.Abhimanyu, who took us through the entire store and beautifully explained how Sync has managed to stay ahead of all other showrooms.

I’ll just make it easier for you guys to wrap your heads around what actually  Sync is all about.

  • The store is divided into categories.  Work and Play, Music,Camera.
  • The mobiles that specializes in that particular arena is placed on that zone. Not that a Nokia  Lumia 1020 cannot send an e-mail or play music, but it has 41MP and its only fair that it’s placed in the Camera Zone!!
  • So when you know that you’re a photo freak and you want to compare all ranges of camera phones regardless of the brands, you know where to go.
  • And they have personalized each zone. In the Camera Zone – there are highly efficient photography lights on a beautiful backdrop. You can go stand there, click a pic from your favorite mobile under best lighting conditions, print it instantly *so darn cute tiny printer is available* and check how your pictures would turn up – and then decide if you want to buy that! Isnt it cool ? ??
  • Similarly for the music zone, the area is kind of closed so you experience a very true and genuine music experience. All major brands of headphones are hung out there, so you can pick a specific phone and connect any headphones and check out the music quality! No more jack mismatching! Also the guys there made me figure out that Beats headset works toooo good in HTC than my iPhone 5s. It was a very personalized experience!
  • Other than these major zones, there are three others called New and Noteworthy, Budget Bazaar and Kids Section.
  • New and Noteworthy – The latest selling hot-cakes will be on display here irrespective of brand,specialization and price.
  • Budget Bazaar – Self explanatory. The smart phones that pack quiet a punch at a killer price.
  • Kids Section – The have placed two or three tabs and iPads here easily accessible to our little buggers. They always annoy the hell outta parents (although cute) and not let them think and decide peacefully. So to tackle that, this section has tabs loaded with games to keep them occupied. You’re sure to have a tough time pulling them away from those gadgets later on ! 😀
  • They also have excellent service plans and schemes at the store. One special scheme is that, after you purchase the phone, you can arrange for a person to come and explain how to use the phone and utilize all the features in it, at the convenience of your home!  That was so very thoughtful. 😉
  •  And Sync has a Sync section *duh* 😛  that transfers all the data and contacts from your current phone to the newly purchased phone just on the spot! That was BRILLIANT!!! When trasferring from Android to iPhone etc people struggle with data transfer so much – I did!! That has been made hassle free too.!
  • To add a certain uniqueness to the store, they have made sure a particular frangrance is used in all the Sync stores across the country. And also, the music in the store keeps changing according to the time of the day and the mood.
  • If you chose to skip all those written above , check out the pictures 😀



New and Noteworthy Table



Kids Section


Budget Bazaar
Music Zone





There’s Abhimanyu being Abhimanyu 😀



I was so so happy to be a part of this wonderful visit I met some great people and decided not to shy away from such awesome meets again.! Thank you so much for making this happen Indiblogger.

Image Source : Shot from my iPhone 5s. 


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