Summer is not a season to look forward to, if you live in my part of the world. We have a hot tropical climate through-out the year and the Summer is just plain unforgiving! So, although I’m pinterest-obsessed, I can’t look forward to the pool parties, tan-lines and beach essentials in the Summer.

Rather, as opposed to the spray-tans and tanning creams of the West, we have anti-tan gels and face-packs to keep the tan in check (although it’s definitely inevitable!). So how do we combat an Indian Summer, as best as we can?  Very helpful if you have decided to tour India – no matter any time of the year. Read on to know my holy-grails 😉


Indian Summer Essentials

Sunscreen is not optional // I can not stress this enough although I’m guilty of not following this myself. It often feels like an extra step when you are already late and rushing to work. Also, who needs sunscreen when you are anyways going to drive your car and sit in an air conditioned room the whole day, right? Wrong! Sunscreens are mandatory even on cloudy, misty days, they say.

I have very dry skin and most sunscreens give me a white cast! But I love the Lotus Herbals Intensive Sunblock spray with SPF 50. Good SPF, non-messy spray style – YAY!

Moisturizer //  Moisturize after your shower, when you’re out and about, before you go to sleep and anytime inbetween. Just go for a light-weight one even if your skin is oily. I recommend Nivea Nourishing Body Milk lotion and Vaseline Intensive Care for the face.

Lip Balm // Have you ever felt your ultra-matte lipstick sticking to the chapped skin of your lips and just crumbling off before you’ve even stepped into the office ? Welcome to my life. Lip balms are a saviour. But yes, matte lipsticks don’t stay put over lip balms; and creme lippies just don’t cut it for me. *first world problems* But feel free to roam around with your lipbalm till you step out. My current vote is for Palmer’s Dark Chocolate and Cherry. It’s crazy moisturizing, but wayyy too sweet for my liking!

Water // I drink about 2-3 litres per day and I’d like to think I’m on the safer side. But if you are someone who doesn’t like water (like my mom. It’s a pain to make her drink more than 3-4 cups a day),  iced water helps. It is tasty. Don’t let anyone fool you, that water is tasteless. ? Or you could go for fresh juices. Even better!

Shades // Cat-eyes, Mirrored, Wayfarer, Dior Dupes, Round Sunnies, Aviators – you name it, you have it in the market. There re some pretty good collection instagram shops these days. If your someone who feels shy to wear them out, like I was, don’t. We’re missing out on some major sass! 😉

So what are your top five Summer Essentials? 🙂



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