Resource pool is the backbone of any organization. To have a strong workforce, capable and updated with the latest advancements and technologies – is the dream of any organization big or small.

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So how does Human Resources work?

When a new position is created or if an existing position has to be filled-in, the organization looks for eligible candidates. This is a long process starting from advertising about the position available, getting in hundreds or even thousands of applications for the job. Then they invest resources to go through every application and shortlist a few for the next level. And this filtration goes on in multiple levels of technical, HR, group discussions. Even then, you might end up settling for someone who is not the best for the job, because you need to fill the position ASAP. Or it might remain vacant for long periods of time – despite the time and effort of resources, put in by the organization. To combat this, Interviewdesk has a solution!

What is Interview Desk?

Interviewdesk is India’s first On-Demand interview platform.

We are the India’s first on demand interviewer platform.

Founded in the year 2017, we work on a unique concept of outsourced interviewing model which helps the organization save 50% of time and cost spent on hiring. To be precise, Built as a marketplace model we are working towards the vision of builiding India’s largest interviewing community.

– Interviewdesk

This approach of Interviewdesk benefits everyone – the Jobseeker, Employer and the Interviewer.

Interviewdesk has a panel of seasoned recruiters with upto-date skillset who can find the right candidate for your organization efficiently and also 10x faster!

Why Interview Desk?

1.Save time and money spent on hiring

Handing over the hiring proess to Interviewdesk, makes sure proper coordination is taken and on-time hiring needs deadlines are met with ease and effiency!

2. The best talent with niche skill is now yours

The skillset of hiring professionals at any organization drastically vary. With inerviewdesk, you are promised that the interviewer is a subject matterexpert and only the right candidate will be picked for the position.


CEO of Interview Desk, Pichumani Durairaj on how Interviewdesk conceptualized :

I’ve always been passionate about helping people, be it people who want the right break in their lives or companies who want to hire the right candidates that fit their requirements.  This passion saw me pick up HR as my area of specialization.  I’m a big believer in Malcolm Gladwell’s 10,000-hour rule of specialization.

The more years that I spent in the HR working for multinational companies like KLA Tencor and Amazon, the more I started to realize the gaps that exist in the system.  There are huge opportunities that exist in improving the efficiency of recruitment.

With fast growth companies, the complexity of recruiting increases drastically. The requirements for people with varying skill sets and high-end specialization increases. Let’s face it. It is not possible for a recruitment manager in a company to be exposed to all these technologies. Without in-depth knowledge, it is not possible to ask the right questions and consequently, not able to hire the right people.  This is where the InterviewDesk model works brilliantly. InterviewDesk follows a Marketplace model, which helps attract interviewers with varying skills.  This way, we are able to attract interviewers who have decades of experience in the right fields to ask the right questions.  The marketplace model gives us tremendous advantage of scaling up real quick across all geographies.

Interviews will never be the same again!

 “The post is in collaboration with InterviewDesk“.

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