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Okay, so I was on this blogging bandwagon before it even gained any momentum. I called it a personal blog (it’s called “lifestyle” these days smh) and wrote about anything and everything under the sun. I read my old posts now and cringe hard. What was I thinking.

It is low-key like how facebook memories come back to haunt you after 7 years. But then, imagine a 1000 word prose of cringe material. Yikes!

But atleast I was blogging regularly, because thats what I set out to do in the first place. But fast-forward, I started getting these annoyoing little midget thought bubbles – blogging slumps. And then they started occuring way more frequently. And then before you know it, you’re off from the platform for years together.

Everytime you try to bounce back, you type a heading and look at the blinking cursor, willing it to validate your post idea.

Which sadly never happens. So you come to the grand conclusion that nobody wants to read about your weekend trip or what you did on a holiday. And you dont post. But the funny thing is, going by this logic, nobody cared before either! But you still blogged cause you fucking loved blogging. Where has that mojo gone? *moment of silence*

New year rolls around in style, turn of the decade, you decide to pick up blogging seriously again.

But, in the youtube/instagram era where people consume data visually, can blogging survive? Nobody reads anymore – not the majority of the population atleast. Books became audiobooks, blogs became podcasts/vlog/instagram update.

I mean, I do em all as well. I consume all visual content and create them and pour it back. But at the core of it all, words are dying. That genuinely makes me sad.

So I decided to blog again. Becase, I’m not here to take well thought-out calculated decisions. Welcome 🙂


Sharu 🙂

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