What would you do if there is a new theme park opened in town? Check it out obviously. When it is a resort full of genetically modified hybrid dinosaurs? Umm, I’d probably pass.  But looks like people go crazy over it. It fascinates them to cuddle and hug dinosaurs which were a supposed-predator about 65 million years ago.  So obviously this theme park is an instant hit and things were going great in this la-la land. But things won’t be interesting if they do not keep introducing more and more new attractions. Like newer rides. More adventurous. (here, more teeth.heh!).

The Operations Manager of this theme park is Claire (Bryce Dallas Howard). She is efficient and takes her job very seriously. So when two of her nephews Zack and Gray Mitchell come over to the theme park, she hands over some VIP passes and doesn’t stick with them. But the boys decide to have good fun by themselves.

The Owner of Jurassic World is Simon Masrani (Irrfan Khan). He visits one of the genetically bred dinosaur named ‘Indominus Rex’ in it’s enclosure and concludes it is creepy enough for the public. He asks Owen Grady (Chris Pratt) to check for the safety of the enclosure before the grand launch of the new attraction to the park. Owen is the trainer of the velociraptors who establishes a bond with his animals and not just treat them as assets of the park.

But the Indominus Rex is smarter than they had anticipated. It manages to use the genetic advancements to its own benefit. It manages to make the trainers think it has escaped it’s enclosure and then..well, actually escape.  It is highly intelligent, advanced and powerful and all the security measures don’t even match the chaos created by our bad dino.

Things go further downhill when the rides are all cancelled abruptly to ensure the safety of the tourists but the two nephews of Claire get stuck deep inside in the park. Will they manage to survive the close encounter with the rex, will Owen and Claire strike a power-duo to save the day and defeat the rex and how far would they go to do it is the rest of the movie.

Bryce is the typical uptight woman who is too dedicated to her work till the situation gets out of hand. She manages to portray the character switch well but not remarkably so. Chris Pratt is the alpha of all the humans in the movie you could say.  Real badass. His character sketch is pretty neat except for the fleeting romance he shares with Bryce. They manage to infuse humor in the unexpected of scenes and lighten the momentum. I particularly loved the scene when he trains the raptors and also when he rides along with them in the later part of the movie. Also the underwater dinosaur is purely epic. Irrfan Khan is the uber cool millionaire who lives his life and jus chills, for as long as he could (oops lol).

The CGI were pretty decent, but in some parts you’ve gotta agree it was elementary.  I honestly enjoyed the movie. This concept is a brilliant one and I don’t think this is entirely fictious. There is very high chance of this happening sometime real soon. And I don’t want to witness it anymore. Thanks guys :/

I don’t remember Jurassic Park. I was too tiny when I watched it. So I can’t compare it like how most people do and say this is a replica in most parts. But as a stand-alone movie, Colin Trevorrow has given us a brilliant movie which crunches up other high grossers of the year to reach the top !

Rawr 😉



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