Kabali is a movie that has to be experienced. A review doesn’t do justice to Superstar and his fandom !

I repeat, just like a million other people on the inter-web, this is a very old wine in a fairly new bottle. Director Ranjith of Madras fame has delivered a movie that’s very simple, direct and point blank. He is honestly stuck between showing the reality of Tamilians in Malaysia and the pressure to make everything that Rajinikanth does massy.


“Script is the hero” goes out of the window.  As we all pretty much figured it out from the trailer, Gangster is hunted down, arrested and comes back and becomes a even more badass gangster. I mean, really now? Well, that is the story line. Atleast the baddies could have been… well, bad? They are the 43 Gang *that’s supposed to make you scared oooooohhh* who just couldn’t give out any bad vibes with all the purple blazers and blue bow-ties going on!

Songs by Santhosh Narayanan fails to impress other than Neruppuda BGM and Maya Nadhi <3 (and the scene in which it comes up! *cries a little*) . 

Supporting characters like John Vijay and Attaakthi Dinesh were too good! Dinesh’s over-enthusiasm was a breath of fresh air in the movie 😀 Dhanshika was killer and Radhika Apte was portrayed like someone who is a very integral part of the movie, but at the end of the day, she didn’t do much either. The script that Ranjith had created with a star like Rajinikanth on board is honestly a little confusing. Is the point of the movie is to depict the struggles of Malaysian Tamils or show how true love waits for you (although not enough back story was given to support this theory), or gang-wars or just what?! We’ll never know.

Rajinikanth has given it his all. Exudes charisma and signature charm wherever possible to satisfy the audience, but the man can only do so much with a script as weak as this one.

The movie is, wait for it, bad – but it’s not Rajinikanth who let us down.

Not hot enough. #NeruppuDa

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  1. Hmm. I don’t think I’d have watched it anyway. My Tamil isn’t that good and I’d have missed out on understanding some things perhaps. 😛 🙂 But I enjoyed your thoughts on it. 🙂 Rajni doesn’t usually fail to deliver anyway.

    1. Heyy! Yes Vinay. It created too much buzz pre-release and I anticipated it ll not be able to justify THAT kinda demand. But never expected this either :/ Thank you for reading <3 🙂 (A post went up yay 😀 )

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