For everyone out there who is tired and exhausted with all the mundane responsibilities and routines.  For every person who predicts the story in the first 25mins and just sits there till the end of the movie because.. It’s what people do. And also, you paid 120bucks. Here comes a fresh concept that ll make you go “Whaaaat.” ?❤️

Ki and Ka is the story of Kia and Kabir. (which I unnecessarily highlighted here though you already figured it out. )  Kia (Kareena Kapoor) is a very ambitious, career-oriented marketing manager with sky high aspirations. Work comes first and she doesn’t have a steady boyfriend because apparently guys can’t handle such ambitious women.

Kabir Bhansal (Arjun Kapoor) is the only son of Bhansal who is such an ace builder in Delhi. But out Kabir doesn’t want to be a part of his dad’s company and rejects all the money and luxuries and walks away. *ya, right*  

Kia and Kabir meet in a flight and get talking. Kabir confesses that he wants be like his mother who had passed away. A housewife, who builds the Home and Family. House husband in this case. He wants to stay at home, she can’t handle anything other than work, – they get married.
They are so proud of this spectacular arrangements, of the life that they have chose to lead. But things go down always. Always. How such an arrangement could go wrong, what did they do to fix it and if they make it past all this differences is the rest of the story.

Kareena Kapoor has a very brilliant characterization in this movie and she has taken the opportunity to shine! (With loads of Lakme ads in between. Because, marketing! 😀 )  Her character goes through a dynamic graph and she managed to pull it all off with ease. Too good!

Arjun Kapoor will be adored by all in the movie as well as off the screen for his character. But acting scope is comparatively less. He just has to be adorbs all the time; just a perfect dream husband which we ll never get. 😀

Cinematography by P.C is so vibrant and fresh in every frame.  The movie was a pleasure to watch!

Music and background score by Ilayaraja and Mithoon ????☺️

Balki is a phenomenon in Bollywood. One has to admire how very versatile this guy is ,with his stories. Loved it a lot. Practical or not, futuristic of not, so much fun and sentiment and emotion and drama. ❤️??

0 thoughts on “Ki and Ka | Movie Review

  1. I had this movie in my list to ‘definitely watch’ but somehow I haven’t found myself on the way to the theater as yet for Ki & Ka…If Sharu gives a thumbs up..I need to go and watch 🙂

  2. So are you saying that this movie is actually good? I have heard that while the concept is good, Balki wasn’t really successful in the execution?

    1. It’s all about perspectives, isn’t it? I liked the concept and how they have brought it out on the screen. I know this movie has been getting mixed reviews, but I’m one of the person with a thumbs up 🙂

      1. That’s interesting. I usually don’t let reviews decide whether I watch a film or not but I was so looking forward to this film and the reviews kinda hurt. The last thing I wanted to watch was a faux-feminist movie. I will definitely give it a go though!

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