Life in IT offices are pretty mundane with occasional cultural events and fun Fridays. Working in an IT giant myself, I was pretty curious when I was invited to attend the Life at Ramco Systems bloggers meet, held at Ramco office premises. The agenda of the this meet was to experience how they have structured their work atmosphere. That intrigued me obvio, and I battled against Friday evening traffic and reached Ramco Systems at Taramani (near IIT Madras Campus).

Irrespective of your field and industry, your workplace is where you spend most of your waking hours. It is only logical and reasonable to have a comfortable space to work in, which lifts your mood thereby increases your productivity. Ramco System’s latest CEO Virender Aggarwal has had a dynamic vision of changing how work is being done.

This HR floor in this building is (contrary to popular beliefs) is my fave. It is designed so very well, that oozes charm and style from the moment you step in. It is fully done with wooden flooring and wall panels in an open-office structure. There are lounges and couches thrown in where you could just go and chill with your laptop. Yes, no desktops here 😉 No cubicle/bay structure.

Human Resources


If you need a bit of privacy from the open desk 😉


Then there is floor with Chirapsia and other fun stuff. Chirapsia is a massage that is done by a team of speacialist, which can be reserved on slot basis. They also have a punching bag,foosball table, zen area and lots of comfy lounge chairs if you just wanna unwind and chill. You could even carry your laptop here and work while you chat away with your friends (without going away for 45mins 😉 )


Zen Area <3

Staff getting Chirapsia – that guy sure knows how to relax 😉

Another fun quota of Ramco Systems that I lovedddd – Fika! The very own coffee shop that’s cozy and cool. Another place to just chill. If you keep chilling at this rate, y’all gonna freeze , I tell you. 🙁










They also have Zumba sessions in an amazing studio, laundry system for their employees and fitness training – all in the building. It’s a totally fun and cool place to work, where even the cafeteria is referred to as TGI Monday. How sassy is that!

I was in a conversation with Vinitha Ramani and Bharath who are marketers from Ramco. They were vibrant, full of josh and said they company is much more than all that we just witnessed. It gives the employees the freedom to decide what to do with their positions to make the work experience better, support the female employees with relaxed schedules and work from homes during maternity, felixble work timing and more!

And I loved this board that wished HBD to the employees from every Business Unit. I loved the company more for this , than all the tour we had. It’s the little things that matter ! 😉 

Absolutely enjoyed spending the evening at Ramco, can only imagine the fun the employees are experiencing everyday! 😉

Much much thanks to the DInfluencers team for inviting us and organising such a structured and get well coordinated event. Lovely evening ! 🙂



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