It is heartbreaking to see the city of love set aflame with hatred. What has the world come down to? Does the lives of innocent people bear no value at all.? This is definitely not me taking a stand against all this rubbish when it happens to Paris and keeping mum when the same happens in multitudes at other places.

I’m beginning to lose faith in humanity. At some point, this all has to stop. We all have to stop. Take a step back at the mass destruction we’ve done and leave it alone. Give  goddamn Earth some TIME to repair itself! But nope, we won’t.

We need more. We hate more. And we hate passionately. The terror we create around the world brings a sort of sadistic happiness. The bloodbath washes down our hatred and fuels our fury. We strike again. WHAT ARE WE?!

The world has long forgotten what it is like to live in peace and harmony. You should consider yourself lucky if the only problems you’ve got are domestic violence and injustice. For a fact, you could be experiencing far worse!

This is sickening and disturbing at the same time. What will end this? When will we learn that Love conquers all? Now I wonder, does love really conquer anything at all.

When “Bombings, terror attacks, shooting, gunmen ,killing, siege, war” are the most commonly repeated terms in your newsfeed, it’s high time the earth collapses in on itself.

I’m so done with this.

#PrayForParis #PrayForPalestine #PrayForSyria #PrayForTheWorld

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  1. Sharu, what happened in Paris, and what is so much a reality in other parts of the world on a daily basis (Syria, Lebanon, etc…) is a very sad, sickening and diabolical thing. I find it tragic that these terrorists actually think they’re doing God’s will. As if God, Love Himself, would ever take delight in the killing and brutalizing of His own loved creation. I believe that we live in a fallen world and that these terrorists are greatly deceived. It’s like you’ve encouraged in this post – We need to pray.

  2. “The world has long forgotten what it is like to live in peace and harmony.”

    Yeah. That seems to be the case, I think. I’m not sure it is universal, but the search for hatred seems to come far more easily than the search for peace.

    1. Yes. We have learned to divide ourself and show complete faith to our clan. And only our clan. My country, My religion, My state seems to be the case. I really don’t know if we’d ever recover. We’ve gone in too far. 🙁

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