A very quick review on Maamu Cafe Navallur, OMR. OK, I was home alone and starving. As my culinary skills are not so great (read : level zero), decided to order in. I was craving a pizza and dominos was too mainstream. So I looked for other pizza options around and came across this place. It had mixed reviews but fairly new place. I decided to go for it. 
I ordered a Chicken Tikka Pizza. It was thin crust, loadssss of veggies than chicken and way too much tomato sauce. I hate vegetables and I particularly hate babycorn. It was full of it. I couldn’t rarely find any chicken. I ended up picking out all the corns out and ate a capsicum pizza with couple pieces of chicken and heaps of tomato sauce. Not trying again. ??‍♀️

If this is your cup of tea err- slice of pizza though, go ahead by all means.
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