Blogging hiatus has become so common that, it’s a surprise if I publish a post! 😕 I sincerely apologise for coming back only to post the next update. That’s not how I do it, but that will change soon 🙂 and I have a good enough reason I believe (trust me).

So for today’s update: I have recently relocated to Belgium for work. It’s a pretty big deal and I’m really thrilled to have this milestone in my career finally.

Of course , on the flip side, I miss my family way too much – staying out of house for the first time ever! I’m a rollercoaster of emotions right now. This couple of weeks here has taught me more than any amount of time I’ve spent at home. I Makes me realise how much we (read : I) take for granted. Everything takes effort, people! #Adulting is hard.

But to be honest, it’s been equally refreshing and fun. To meet the people you work for, collaborate and grow. Being in the client location gives a whole different kind of energy and it’s been amazing so far.

To my benefit, I have such wonderful people already here to help me ease the transition in lifestyle – for which I’d be eternally grateful. Girls, Harini and Surega – Thanks for being with me in every step of the way, you’re the best! ❤️🌻

So here’s to more posts, blogs, travel and cultural differences ! 🥂 and below, here is a small snippet of the European Wonderland 🌸

Getting picked from the airport ❤️❤️

It has not snowed-in like this for a very long time in Mechelen. But my first day, waking up here has been such a fairytale scene !!!

Canals ❤️

Will keep you posted on more happenings soon xx

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